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Watch: Torren Martyn In “A Sense Of Space”

Twin fins aren’t ‘unconventional’ craft under Torren’s arches.

cinema // Oct 14, 2018
Words by stab
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Torren Martyn used to be ‘HP’. With thrusters under-foot, Fu Wax lining the deck, and an insatiable desire to pump and consequentially punt. At some point in time however, Torren realised that this was not where his surfing desires lay.

Instead, he found himself more at home atop twins, whether long or short, fat or skinny. And while a proportion of ‘twin-fin revivalists’ are seemingly doing it for the image, if you’ve ever watched Torren surf, you’ll know this is wrong.

There aren’t many surfers who complement a wave like Mr. Martyn. 

Ishka Folkwell’s above film, ‘A Sense Of Space’, features Torren around his Byron region residence and follows him over to the WA desert too. In addition to Torren making a compelling case for ditching a centre fin while backhand tubing, the film also features a few sit down moments for those who want to get to know him a little better.

Scroll up to watch and scroll down to read SurfStitch’s interview with Torren below. 

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We don’t know what he’s waiting for either. Get out there.

Where did the name ‘A Sense Of Space’ originate?

West Australia itself is so remote and desolate in many ways, just plain simple living, I really enjoy my own space and that humbling feeling of being amongst all the elements. 

How long was this feature film in the works for?

The film itself was shot over a couple of weeks, piecing it together and marrying it with an original soundtrack took a few more weeks. 

Tell us about the locations featured and why they were chosen for the flick. It’s incredible to see the diverse and different landscapes of both sides of Australia! 

The diversity from North to South and East to West is something that I always appreciate and am fascinated by in Australia alone. It’s incredible, the locations in the film are the east coast and the far north west, geographically they are about as far away as you could be from the other, lush and green on one side and barren and dry on the other. Quite a contrast indeed!

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You and Ishka have worked together on a number of projects and you seem to nail it every time, what makes it work so well?

Ishka and I are best mates. We’re both on the same page on a lot of levels we travel well together, have similar aesthetic taste and enjoy making films together. Shooting around home you obviously have your usual comforts, though The West Oz section is something completely new and different.

What was it like being out in the middle of nowhere and scoring day after day?

To be honest we weren’t exactly scoring day after day at all, the conditions, wind weather and waves were all pretty unpredictable. We had some moments but it was nice spending time out there, off the grid, surfing, fishing and catching up with a good mate of ours that we hadn’t seen for a while.

Tell us about some of the highs and lows of the journey?

The trip and time over west was a high, sharing waves with new and old friends, camp fires, red wine and plenty of laughs. I gave my foot a bit of a brush against the reef and it got quite infected and got a little debilitating towards the of the trip but all in all it was nothing but a good time.

WA Personal 5

Location! Location! Location!


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