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Watch: Jaleesa Vincent Is A Strong Contender For SSOTY

‘Eerie’ is a funky lil’ surf edit from the MVP of Stab Highway.

Words by Ethan Davis
Reading Time: < 1 minute

What a year it’s been for Jaleesa Vincent. 22-year-old ‘Jelly’ released multiple quality edits, captained the winning team in Stab Highway, and continued to pursue her side-hustles/passions of artmaking with jewels, paints, sculptures, music, dancing and animation. You can check out her creations here.

Colorful, authentic, and bubbly, Jelly’s latest clip features standup tubes, punts, and laybacks seasoned with her signature spice of spooky graphics and audio. 

Jel’s positive influence on the group dynamic during the 10-day road trip was instrumental in Team Jaleesa’s success and elicited much praise from her peers. “I think Jel’s the actual MVP for copping us the whole time” said Noa Deane. “She’s her true own person. She’s the first girl I’ve seen in a while who’s having fun, and doing good stuff. She’s a good influence for young girls. Be yourself, be like Jaleesa”, remarked Wade Goodall. 

Watch ‘Eerie’ directed by Steve Irwin protege, Luka Raubenheimer and Jel.