Stab Magazine | May Was The Best Month Of Surf East Coast Australia Has Seen In Ages

May Was The Best Month Of Surf East Coast Australia Has Seen In Ages

So prolific were the waves that local voyeur Lachie McKinnon made a full-length film about them!

cinema // Jun 11, 2020
Words by stab
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Making a full-length surf film in the space of a month is borderline unheard of. 

Not only do you need to score a dozen quality sessions at a variety of waves to aggregate enough content to fill the space, but then you have to go home and crochet those clips into a beautiful and cohesive web. 

In other words, Lachie “Peanut” McKinnon is nothing short of a hero for what he’s created over the past 30-odd days. Having recently departed his ex-pat residence of Indonesia during the coronavirus, Peanut returned home to the Gold Coast for what many are calling the best month of surf in recent memory. 

Snapper pumped for days, the jetski apocalypse enveloped the beachies, and Mick Fanning claimed the best waves he’s ever seen on the Goldy. 

All of the above (and a whole lot more) has been immortalized in Peanut’s half-hour banger, playing above.

But before you watch, a pop quiz: If you had to guess, who do you think took home top honors in the month of May?

Kerrzy, Brenno, or the devilish backhand of Nick Vasicek?


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