“There’s No Bullshit, It’s Beautiful, There’s Plenty Of Waves, But Mainly The People.” - Stab Mag

“There’s No Bullshit, It’s Beautiful, There’s Plenty Of Waves, But Mainly The People.”

Reasons to love Australia’s South Coast with Kipp Caddy.

Words by Ethan Davis
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Kipp Caddy popped up on many people’s radars as a 14-year-old going psycho at Shipsterns. 

Born and raised on the South Coast, Kipp was introduced to surfing big waves by his father as a 40-odd-kilo-dripping-wet-grom. 

“Russ Bierke was my schoolmate, so we ended up surfing these heavy reef breaks as kids. That’s what I like about the people down there. It’s lowkey and no one makes a fuss. It’s a core community, and there’s a heap of underground chargers from that zone who’ve done it their whole lives with little recognition.”

Now Kipp lives around the corner from Cape Solander near Occ’s old joint in Kurnell. It appears proximity to slabs is a major factor in Kipp’s choice of real estate.

“I’ve been working on a project for the past few years. Banking footage, so I’m looking forward to releasing that. The majority of it’s shot at Cape, Shippies and some of the local bombies. It’s kinda torturous hanging onto footage and feeling like it’s getting old. But I’d rather make something evergreen that you’d rewatch years later and still get excited about, like Russ’ clips.”

Kipp’s 12-15 minute clip will be coming out later this year, maybe even as a #SEOTY submission – It will be good. He’s been at this big wave thing a while, and frankly, these understated South Coast guys are some of the baddest motherfuckers in big surf on the planet because they’ve done it their whole lives with half-the-kudos granted to people in the staple big wave hubs.

“This is just one session. It’s where I learned to backside tube ride. It’s steep, fast, and shallow. You have to position yourself deep enough so you can get speed through the tube.”

Sounds easy.

But it’s not. 

Shot & edited by Dane Singleton.