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No One Rivals John Florence At Hooking Rockpile (Pros + Joes For Context)

+ Pipe Pro Betonline.AG picks from Reef McIntosh and Mikey C.

cinema // Jan 29, 2024
Words by Stab
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Words by Jimmicane

I’ve been compiling timelines like this forever and doing nothing with them, besides maybe sharing with a few surfers who were out that day. I promise not to spam you with 3-foot Cardiff clips on the regular, but instead of hoarding the footage on Dropbox for eternity, I think it makes sense to put out some memorable sessions to the world, so people can enjoy.

This was shot on January 5th, 2022 during the (digital) Vans Triple Crown of Surfing waiting period. It went largely under the radar, but was easily one of the best non-barreling sessions of surfing I’ve ever witnessed. 

At the time, I thought for sure Parallel Sea would be using it. I sent over the timeline to John and Erik Knutson later that evening in case they wanted to have an extra angle. Two years later, I don’t recall seeing more than maybe a few clips here or there.

Honorary mention: Jack Robinson

This footage is in chronological order, no editing aside from cutting out a few waves that weren’t worthy.  There were a few times I had to hold my composure after John did a carve, but seriously, inside I was freaking out watching this go down.

What I like most about this style of video is showing perspective. For how many world class surfers were out, there is one obvious standout. I think that has been somewhat lost in recent times outside of live competition. The surfers who are best at selecting and putting their clips out on social media get the maximum notoriety, but if you watch a session like this in person, the tape doesn’t lie. 

John is absolutely unreal.

Reef and Mikey C’s 2024 Lexus Pipe Pro Betonline.AG picks below

Mikey C’s predictions

$20 on Barron Mamiya at +2500 to win $500
$20 on Seth Moniz at +3300 to win $660
$100 on Gabriel Medina at +375 to win $375
$50 on Caity Simmers at +1000 to win $500
$50 on Molly Picklum at +1000 to win $500

$50 on Matty McG at +325 to win $163
$10 on Callum R at +600 to win $60
$100 on Jack Robinson at -150 to win $67
$50 on Seth Moniz at +135 to win $68
$100 on Jackson Bunch at +400 to win $400
$30 Shion Crawford at +365 to win $110
$10 on Caio Ibelli at +450 to win $45
$20 on LOB at +325 to win $65
$30 on R-Cal at +150 to win $45
$20 on Eli Hanneman to win +250
$50 on Jacob Willcox at +475 to win $237
$50 on Barron Mamiya at -135 to win $37
$20 on Bettylou at +165 to win $33
$20 on Sally Fitz at +500 to win $100
$100 on Moana Wong at -150 to win $67
$100 on Caity Simmers at -110 to win $91
$100 on Molly Picklum at +100 to win $100

Make quarters:
$25 on Eli Hangman at +1200 to win $300
$25 on Jacob Willcox at +1000 to win $250
$25 on Sally Fitzgibbon’s at +400 to win $100
$20 on Alyssa Spencer at +1000 to win $200


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