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Watch: Jez Flores’ Pièce De Résistance

The x2 Pipe Master’s highlight reel from the past few years cut to Black Sabbath.

Words by Ethan Davis
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We’ll miss Jez Flores. 

“In a heat, I was wild — I was like an animal” said Jez reflecting on his career in a recent interview with Stab. 

Joining the ASP as the youngest person ever at the time, Jez’s CT career spanned 15 years and saw him fetch four event wins, six season top-10s, and throw 13 baguettes at the judges’ heads for not giving him the score. 

No stranger to issuing a knuckle-sandwich for a violation of etiquette, or spraying wildcards for devious heat stratagem, Jez is the fiery Frenchman who earned his calluses when the tour was a little less corporate athlete, and a little more inebriated bar-stool fight.

Jez has now stepped away from competition to be with his family more (he’s just popped out a second kid), and pursue some passion projects he’s been entertaining for quite some time.

This clip, says Jez is “just some clips filmed the last few years around the world, mostly between heats during events. Some of these images have never been used so we stacked them all with good music!”

Prosaic, punchy, to the point. 

Jez Flores.