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We promise this won't (really) hurt.

Wanna win a new surfboard? We have a custom Chilli ‘Black Vulture’ to gift (plus all the trim you’d expect from a premium dealer). To be in the running, just answer a few questions for us. It won’t take long.

The Nine Worst Inventions In Surfing

I'm calling the following the ten worst inventions in surfing but, if I'm being honest, that claim is a bit hyperbolic. Not because they aren't dumb as shit. But because the surf industry has plopped out so many cynically lame accessories over the years that it's impossible to keep up.

So, you know, you're free to split hairs over whether these are actually the worst surf inventions ever. But you've gotta agree that they're ranking members of the junk-club.


An easy upsell to the bumper boat clique.

Longboard Noseguards

The original noseguards made sense. Getting jabbed by your board, even when it's not in a particularly sensitive area, absolutely fucking sucks. And god forbid you're one of the poor fuckers, like Derek Hynd, who takes it in the eye. Goodbye depth perception. Hello pirate-wear!

But longboards aren't pointy and the only reason to protect the nose is if you plan on slamming it into objects or flailing down the line until you run down whichever son of a bitch happens to be in your way.



Don't stick your dick in it. No matter how badly you want to.

Turbo Tunnel Fin

The fleshlight of surfboards. You've gotta be pretty fucked to even consider buying one of these things. But to wave it around in public? Where other people can see you? That's sick. You're sick. You should be ashamed of yourself.


on a mission

The traction pads with Air Jordan-style bubbles were stupid too.

On A Mission Fin Systems- There's been no shortage of stupid fin box ideas that found funding over the last few decades, but the worst, by far, was when OAM tossed its hat in the ring.

The fins didn't fit their boxes, requiring oodles of sanding to jam the fuckers in. And then, when your fin broke a few months later, guess what?

They stopped making the fuckers.

Fuck you, OAM. I was a broke-ass college student who gave you my money because the Malloys were involved. I thought you were cool, man.

OAM fins were so god awful I can't even find a picture of them online.


spray on traction

The intersection of shred sled and bathroom fixture.

Spray on Deck Traction- For when you want to look like you're surfing, but feel like you're standing in the bathtub. Nipple shredding hell torture in a can that keeps getting rehashed by entrepreneur dork-bags. 

Sector Deck velcro binding system for surfboards and

Blow out your knees and ankles with this one easy trick!

Sector Deck velcro deck pads 

There was a brief moment, back when pros began consistently landing airs but the general public couldn't come close, that strapped small wave surfing reared its ugly head. The “Strapt” crew on Maui simultaneously pushed the limits of big wave surfing and dropped a few videos full of flips in head high fun stuff.

A few different versions of stuck-on shralp-age made they're way into the consumer world, but none was as ridiculous as Sector Deck.

Industrial grade velcro deck patch plus booties, the moment your feet hit the deck they weren't moving again. Awkward stance, awful attempts, the fact that I gave it a try (on a borrowed board) is one of the darker moments in my past.

pope bisect

The surf version of two kids in a trench coat.

Pope Bisect

Think of how much you'd save on airline fees if your board came pre-broken! The Pope Bisect was going to change surf travel forever!

The only problem was that they rode like shit, fell apart, and refund checks bounced like rap video booty. It'd be a case of “Buy cheap, buy twice,” except they weren't cheap. They were just dumb.



Shame on you, Cory Lopez. ^^

Every single 'surfskate' abortion ever created

I don't care what Taylor Knox says. No amount of wiggling down your driveway is going to teach you how to do a proper cutback. Buy a normal skateboard and learn to do an ollie.

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