Stab Magazine | The Banzai Is Positively Cooking, Watch The Volcom Pipe Pro Live Here

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The Banzai Is Positively Cooking, Watch The Volcom Pipe Pro Live Here

It’s gonna be a day. 

news // Jan 30, 2020
Words by stab
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On average, in terms of wave quality, the Volcom Pipe Pro is the best QS of the year. Twenty-twenty looks to be no different. 

On the opening day of the VPP waiting period, we’ve got 6-10 feet of NW swell with a surface so clean you could eat Lei Lei’s ribs off it.

Don’t believe us? Watch here. 

Last year, the Volcom Pipe Pro winner, Jack Robinson, used those 3,000 points to qualify for the 2020 Championship Tour. This year, the event has been elevated to a QS 5,000, making it even more valuable for wannabe Big-Leaguers. It’s also one of the best chances all year to surf perfect Pipe with just a few guys out. For these reasons, several notable figures are in attendance. They include:

  • defending VPP champ Jack Robinson
  • 2x World Champ, 4x VPP champ, and recently unsponsored John Florence
  • Content King and brother of the Champ, Nate Florence, who just dominated his R1 heat
  • the other Content King and 2x VPP winner Jamie O’Brien
  • the North Shore’s crown jester Mason Ho
  • Noa ‘John-beater’ Deane (who again has John Florence in his opening heat—drama!)

What are you still reading this for? Tune in!







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