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How Paris Hilton’s Sex Tape, Surfing And Animal Rescue All Connect

Conrad Carr, a surfer from Malibu, just raised $100,000 for hurricane-affected animals by walking from New York to Florida. And he only got robbed once!

news // Nov 14, 2017
Words by stab
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A month-and-a-half ago we introduced you to Conrad Carr, a Malibu surfer walking from New York to Florida to raise money for animals. Today, we’re happy to announce that Conrad has completed his original mission. I say original because, well, Conrad decided NYC to the Florida stateline wasn’t quite far enough. Despite crossing that threshold several days ago, Conrad will continue another 60-odd miles until he hits the 1,000-mile mark. There’s just something about round numbers, I guess. 

As stated in our original post, Conrad’s good friend and notorious sex-haver Rick Salomon (see: Paris Hilton’s sex tape, or Pamela Anderson’s current husband) promised to donate $100,000 to hurricane-affected animals if Conrad was able to complete the bi-pedal journey. According to Conrad, Rick has already donated $20,000 to the Humane Society and will donate the remaining balance in short time. “Rick always keep his word,” Conrad assured me. “He’s a great dude.”

I called Conrad today to hear about his trip. His energy was waning but he remained positive nonetheless. 

Stab: Conrad, congrats! How’s it feel?
Conrad Carr: Thanks, it feels great! I’ve still got a little bit more ground to cover to reach 1,000 miles, but I’m stoked to complete my original goal. 

So how long did it take? What were your average miles per day?
Overall it took 49 days, but I spent three days just hanging in Savannah, GA with Liam (Hemsworth) and Miley (Cyrus). It was nice to get a little breather there and recharge. I think I averaged roughly 20 miles per day when I was walking though. That’s like 6-8 hours per day on the move. 

How is your body holding up?
I still get sore by the end of the day, but less than before. I’ve also lost about 10 pounds, but that’s to be expected.  I’m interested to hear what my doctor has to say about my overall condition once I get back to Cali. 

Where have you been sleeping?
Most at Waffle Houses, Denny’s, whatever. People have been pretty nice and letting me crash on the benches for a few hours at a time. 

Did you get to surf at all on your trip?
Nah, I was going to, but Wilmington and the Outer Banks just seemed a little too far out of the way.

Do you miss it? The surf?
Yeah, I miss surfing. I just want to go somewhere and get really barreled after this. I’m kinda hoping Slater sees what I’m doing and invites me for a day at his pool [laughs].

Screen Shot 2017 11 13 at 4.42.07 PM

Just a friendly reminder that Condor tears.

What was the most interesting experience you’ve had?
I actually got robbed the other day!

Uhhhh… do tell. 
Well, I was down in Jacksonville, and nobody told me it was sketchy there so I was pretty much just elated, happy, relaxed. Then I saw this group of kids that looked like trouble, so I tried to just avoid them but the youngest one, he was maybe 16 or 17, came up to me and asked if he could use my phone to call his parents. I felt a little uneasy about it but I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt, so I asked what was their number so I could dial it, but he was like “just let me type it.” As soon as I gave him the phone he took off running, so I immediately started sprinting after him and yelling, “Dude, there’s a tracker in the phone! I’ll give you money if you just give it back!” Eventually he stopped and said, “Alright, hand me the money then”, and the crazy thing is I never usually have cash, but this random guy had given me $20 earlier in the day because… I don’t know, maybe he thought I was homeless, so I grabbed that 20 and handed it to the kid and got my phone back. But in retrospect, I definitely shouldn’t have chased him. My friend was just telling me about a similar situation where a guy chased after a thief and got shot, so I was freaking out and just like, shaking, after it was over. Stoked I got my phone back though.

What are your takeaways from this whole thing? Are you just gonna sit down for a month after you’re officially done?
Honestly it’s kinda changed my life. If anything, this experience has made me want to do more big walks. I’ve been thinking about doing Cape Town to Durban for rhinos, but I think that one would be pretty dangerous so maybe I could do Brisbane to Melbourne or something.  


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