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The ocean is really just one big wave pool, if you think about it. (Photo: Aaron Hughes/WSL)

Soleil Errico And Harrison Roach Claim WSL Longboard Titles In Gorgeous Malibu Conditions

Style prevails on a day of lovely waves and even lovelier logging.

news // Oct 6, 2022
Words by Holden Trnka
Reading Time: 2 minutes

In classic autumn conditions, the three-stop WSL Longboard Tour concluded today at First Point Malibu.

Two world champions were crowned, and many a nose was ridden.

As gently tapered energy trudged down the point, Kaniela Stewart and Harrison Roach glided to the lineup for the Men’s final. Harrison — who starred in Stab’s ‘The Mysterious Affair’ — had already claimed a win at Manly Beach in the first event of the year. A win at the ‘Bu would secure him the title. The 31-year-old Australian immediately looked in flow, and danced his way to an 8.83 at the start of the heat. From there, the two took turns tip-toeing and guiding themselves along the green lines. Harrison even managed a “Quasimodo-esque head dip,” a quote which snuck out from underneath Kaipo’s fabulous new mustache.

Not an air rev in sight. Photo: Aaron Hughes/WSL

Despite nearly matching Roach, Kaniela couldn’t manage to surmount the Australian. Ater thirty-five gracefully surfed minutes — and a perfectly slalomed party wave — Harrison was crowned World Longboard Champion.

The lines continued to stack as the female finalists took their place amidst the right-handed emerald glory. Soleil Errico and Sophia Culhane settled into their heat, and First Point kept on pulsing. Soleil never looked anything but composed. Rightfully, she claimed her second WSL Longboard World Title in front of a hometown crowd.

Bing-bang. Harrison and Soleil, event winners and World Champs. Photo: Beatriz Ryder/WSL

Other than Joel Tudor sitting the year out due to suspension, no complaints can be registered. 2022 was a good year for the WSL’s nod to traditional longboarding, and it capped off with a delightful event.

Also worth noting: The WSL announced the schedule for the 2023 Longboard Tour, which will now feature 4 events. They’ve only announced the first three events, which are all— you guessed it — right-handers. Bells Beach, El Sunzal in El Salvador, and Malibu will host three of the four events, with the final event TBD.

Let’s hope it’s a left.


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