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Kelly Slater Drinks “The Billion Dollar Smoothie”

How can you charge $28USD for a drink?

news // Feb 15, 2018
Words by stab
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Whether you surf or not, having Kelly Slater on your bandwagon is pretty flattering. 

Khalif Rafati is the founder of the superfood chain, Sun Life Organics, which has built a reputation in Malibu, CA, for selling smoothies that cost a tidy $28USD. That might seem extravagant, and it kind of is, but as Khalif points out Have you ever tried to put the supposed superfoods straight in your mouth? “You start to gag. You start to choke. You can’t possibly choke down a handful.” 

What Khalif’s been trying to achieve since launching ‘Sun Life’ in 2011 is “finding a way to take the greatest nutrients and superfoods on the planet, which, to be honest, taste like shit, and make them taste good.” He wants you to be healthy and enjoy the taste while you’re there.

In 2003, at 33 years old, weighing 109 pounds, Khalif was living on the streets of Skid Row in downtown Los Angeles, addicted to heroin and cocaine. He understands better than most what it’s like to be truly unhealthy. He’s sober now and almost ironically, is the brains behind a health food chain.  

In the podcast below, which featured on Whale Bone Mag (who were kind enough to transcribe it for you), Kelly interviews Khalif about the ups and downs of the luxury smoothie trade. And, if we’re being honest, it’s genuinely interesting audio.

Kelly who is a loyal customer of the ‘Sun Life’ stores states, “Anything expensive in your store, I know is good for me so I’ll just buy it.” And points out that “It’s nothing for people to go out and spend $30, $40 on a steak. There’s probably very little chance that steak compares in any way to the nutrients in this smoothie.” For Kelly “A billion dollar meal for $28 is a bargain.” 

Hit the play button below for 11 minutes on lavish lifestyles, superfoods and justifying high prices.

Would you spend $28USD on a meal in a cup? Or would you prefer to stick to $30 steaks? Opinions below!


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