Stab Magazine | Jack Robinson Marries Bombshell Brazilian Surfer And Model Julia Muniz

Jack Robinson Marries Bombshell Brazilian Surfer And Model Julia Muniz

Young love!

Words by stab

Yesterday on a beautiful winter day in Western Australia, WSL Rookie and one of Stab’s favorites since boyhood, Jack Robinson was made an honest man. 

We can report that Jack has officially wed his ride or die, Brazilian model and surfer Julia Muniz, a union that friends and family bore witness to via Zoom across the globe.  

The way young lovers do. Photo: Instagram

Over the last two years, Jack and Julia’s relationship has corresponded with a palpable and impressive improvement in Jack’s self-confidence, maturity, attitude, etc.—and the results have spoken for themselves, starting with their coming out party at the 2019 Volcom Pipe Pro (which also happened to be the first major event Jack attended without his pops, Trevor, a point many close to Jack and Julia were quick to mention). 

With Jack spending most of last year on the road to qualification with Julia at his side, the couple has become one of the most widely beloved and received wherever they’ve traveled. Many have remarked on the couple just how big an effect a good woman can have on a young man.  

With his beaming bride by his side, not to mention the seasoning his surfing will have enjoyed after a few months at home scoring one of West Oz’s better fall seasons, Jack will be dangerously clearheaded and driven heading into his rookie year. 

We wish the couple the very best, and will keep the champagne on ice ’til we can celebrate in person, properly. 


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