Stab Magazine | Is Surf100 North Point Worth My Money?

Is Surf100 North Point Worth My Money?

Let’s analyze. 

news // Sep 15, 2020
Words by stab
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Surf100 North Point, featuring Jack Robinson, Jay Davies, Kael Walsh, and Jacob Willcox, will go “live” this Thursday (US) / Friday (Aus).

You might be wondering if it’s worth the $15 price tag. Fair enough. Throwing down cash for surf content feels strange considering the quantity of free shit online. We can see your fists tightening just thinking about it. 

But this is not just another vlog or Vimeo edit. It’s four of the best barrel-riders on earth on North Point’s best day of the year. It’s live water mics and everyday crowds. It’s commentated by Dane.

Will Stiles is the lead video editor of Surf100. He’s responsible for syncing our 10 different camera angles to optimize the 100-minute experience for the viewer. And it takes fucking forever.

This being the case, you can imagine how Will and his team might become callous to the actual surfing in the event. When we asked Will—one of the few people in the office who’d seen the North Point footage at this point—what he’d score the comp’s action out of 10, he replied in his characteristically detached tone: “Probably like an 8.”

Screen Shot 2020 09 14 at 11.11.32 PM

A sneak peak from the show! You’ll never guess what Jack Robbo did before this.

Jump ahead two weeks. The Surf100 rough-cut lands in my inbox for pre-judging purposes (I set the scale but my scores don’t actually count in the end). I open it like a man who’s been fasting for two weeks would a brimming jar of pickles. Juices spraying everywhere. I hit play. The first wave rolls. Jesus fucking Christ. Is this actually for real?

I don’t believe I can overstate how good North Point was for this 100-minute window. If this is an “8” for wave quality, then Lowers was a 1.3. And that’s being generous. 

The banter is also fantastic. Australians are funnier than Americans. They just are. And I can’t wait to hear what Dane, Selema, and Yadin Nicol have to add to this pre-recorded gold during the live commentary.

The best part? Even as the preliminary judge, I have no idea who won. Not just because the people haven’t voted yet, but because the surfers put on such similarly remarkable performances that it will take the astute minds of 3,000+ viewers to determine a worthy champion.

To answer more succinctly, I’d be shocked if a single person regretted their decision to purchase Surf100 North Point (Buy here!). 

But we’re not here to shake you down. If you want to watch the event and $15 just ain’t in your budget, text me for a free code (+1 760-309-7221). 

I only ask that you won’t report my unsolicited nudes in return.


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