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Daniel Rangel, saying his prayers.

Imagine Kicking Out The Back & Seeing This Thing Coming

Caught inside on Nazare’s biggest day of the season.

Words by Ethan Davis
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Nazare was huge yesterday.

“I’m just beginning to recover from yesterday’s session”, said Nic Von Rupp on IG. “Pretty crazy stuff went down. It was a full day from morning until dark surfing my brains out.” 

Yesterday, and the day before, Nazare was huge, clean and consistent. Very huge, very clean, and very consistent. 

This is rare. 

A handful of maniacs were all over it. Usual suspects. Pedro Scooby, NVR, Lucas Chumbo, Justine Dupont, Maya Gabeira, Lourenco Katzenstein. 

According to Surfline’s recap with local lensman Helio Antonio:

“I was really missing these big days,” he says. “Not a day for the records, but it was consistent, really big, and there was a lot of power. It was one of those days you fear someone is going to get seriously hurt. Biggest Nazare of the season, for sure.”

“Some really good rides, too,” Helio continues. “Nic Von Rupp got a really big bomb. Justine got three really big waves. And Michelle des Bouillons, she was towed by Chumbo, she did a great job. Aside from CJ, there were some minor accidents today. It’s difficult for anyone to come out here without getting in a tough situation. Fortunately, everyone is okay.”

For the most soul-crushing kick out of a wave you’ve ever seen, plz refer to (9:39) in the first YT link.