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Can Jack still get coned at Pipe on an alt shape? Photo by WSL

Call Us Clairvoyants, Jack Freestone Joins Album Surfboards

Get the first glimpse of his hot, messy rebound affair with a new outline.

Words by Ethan Davis
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Two weeks ago we wrote a piece titled, Will Jack Freestone Be Following Kerrzy Down The Alternative Route?

Call it clairvoyance (or a fairly pedestrian inference based on the available IG evidence), but our prediction rang true — Jack Freestone now joins the small but potent roster on Matt Parker’s Album Surfboards, alongside Josh Kerr and Asher Pacey. 

Jack will be the second gold-coast native, ex-CT surfer to have a rebound affair with Album’s endearing outlines. Josh Kerr did the same following his retirement from competitive surfing in 2017, after nine seasons on the CT. Would it be controversial to say that Kerrzy has done his best surfing since his 36th birthday? We’ll leave you to watch ‘Sway’ and discuss that in the comments section.

Matt Parker elucidated on his board design philosophy in an interview with Stab earlier this year after Coco Ho selected his Album Twin as her favourite alternative blade.

“My goal is to make boards that will work the best for whatever the wave, the situation, and the surfer require. That probably comes from my background in riding shortboards and seeing their limitations, especially in average waves. So, I think about how to create something that will make surfing as fun as it can possibly be while still being able to perform.” 

“With alternative shapes, I want people to be able to create speed without having to do so much work. That allows you to get into waves earlier, have better timing, and turn with more power and flow. And I find that those things translate to both average surfers and pros.”  

We look forward to seeing how Jack’s silky surfing meshes with even-numbered fin setups. Early indications are good.

Boards featured in Jack/Album’s IG clip are: the Album Insanity, and the Album Twinsman