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Watch: Finals Day Of The 2023 Vans Pipe Masters

Rising energy and minimal wind for the third full day of competition.

Words by Holden Trnka
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You can read our full contest preview here.

After a placid layday of knee-high North Shore surf, a rising swell and glassy conditions has set the stage for the final day of the Vans Pipe Masters.

Vans has decided to run the rest of the heats — beginning the day with Women’s Round 3 to the Final, and finishing with the Men’s Round 3 to the Final.

Here’s how it works.

Three rounds, four surfers per heat, no eliminations, no priority.

50% Hawaiian draw. Each surfer will surf at least three times in all conditions, regardless of how poorly (or well) they do. 

The heats will rotate, and all surfers will get a chance at morning, midday, and afternoon sessions over the opening rounds.

The four men and women with the highest three scores after these rounds will face off in their respective finals, the duration of which will be decided on the day. Also, depending on the conditions, Vans will announce whether or not the final will have priority restrictions. 

According to Vans, the judging criteria “will be focused on approach, progression and style. In addition to critical barrel riding, Vans will be rewarding and celebrating aerial maneuvers and turns.​​”

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