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The Stab Highway Europe Challenge Booklet, Presented By Monster Energy

120+ challenges from Hossegor to Ericeira. Think you could do it?

Words by Garrett James
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Another Update (August 16): We’ve made it to Portugal, the final region of Stab Highway Europe, presented by Monster Energy. Upon crossing the border into the land of sardines, our remaining teams have unlocked their final set of challenges. Below, we’ve opened this section of our dysfunctional challenge booklet for you. Some personal favorites include beating G-Mac in a staring contest (because why not?), strapless double rotations for the GOAT (because obviously), and the return of our wholesome philanthropy challenge (because we’ve gotta convince ourselves that we aren’t bad people somehow). Have a look below and let us know what you think.

Update (August 9): On the eve of the third episode of Stab Highway Europe, presented by Monster Energy, we’ve opened up a few more pages of our almighty challenge booklet to reveal the Spanish Regional Challenges. Iberian Ham for days, switch surfing repertoires, frontside Kerrupts (wtf?!), asking po-po for favors, and much more. What sounds achievable? What sounds like you’d rather leave it for another team to attempt? Where do you think we could’ve gone harder?

Stab Highway is ruthless. Stab Highway takes no prisoners. Stab Highway eats professional surfers for breakfast. Whether it falls in Australia, California, Europe, or beyond, Stab Highway is a rabid monster (presented by Monster Energy), and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

After months of planning and preparation, 16 surfers, nine videographers, one photographer, two referees, and one host converged in the Southwest France municipality best known for its sand-bottom barrels, sunburnt tits, flaky croissants, and some of surfing’s most iconic moments: Hossegor. This will be our starting point for the third iteration of our twisted traveling circus, Stab Highway Europe presented by Monster Energy, inspired by the beauty of Transworld Surf’s Cali Rally and Thrasher’s King Of The Road.

The rules — mimicking those in Stab Highway California — are simple: complete as many mild-to-wild-to-fucked-up challenges as possible to avoid the figurative guillotine… and a one-way ticket to the side of the road. 

The challenges are broken down per region. This year, that means there are three sets of challenges — one for France, one for Spain, and one fo Portugal. Within these sets of regional challenges there are two subsets of challenges: surf and land. Every surfer on the roster must complete at least one surf challenge and one land challenge  per region. No free rides. No sideliners. No lookie-loos. Only active participation will get your hand raised at the end of 10 days and 1300 hard-fought kilometers from Hossegor to Ericeira.

Unlike seasons past, where you’ve learned about the challenges while watching the show, we’ve decided to open up our dysfunctional booklet so that you can acquaint yourself ahead of time. Leading up to each episode, we’ll update this post with the forthcoming set of challenges. 

For now, have a look at what we’ve cooked up for France and the Monster Challenges that will run throughout the duration of the show. And let’s have some fun, shall we?

So, which challenge would you try first? Which is too hard to be done? Which are you most looking forward to seeing attempted?

And feel free to ask us anything you’d like to know about Stab Highway Europe…


Stab Highway Europe presented by Monster Energy will drop at 5 pm PST every Thursday on and the Stab Premium app

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