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Chippa Wilson, Ian Crane, and Kaito Ohashi deliberating something important last month during a reconnaissance trip to PerfectSwell Shizunami last month.

Judging Explained: Stab High Japan Presented By Monster Energy

Who will be judging and how will they judge? Allow us to explain.

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Watch Stab High Japan, presented by Monster Energy here.

How will the gavel fall from Stab High’s supreme court?

That’s up to our panel of wisemen — some of the most well-known and respected aerial tastemakers in our culture, including Nathan Fletcher, Eric Geiselman, Masatoshi Ohno, Lee Wilson, Kolohe Andino, and more.

Surfing is inherently subjective, and we intentionally selected a panel with different tastes to parse through the variety of air approaches. We want that to be reflected in the scores to ensure good surfing is rewarded in all its forms.

How will Stab High Japan be judged?

There will be five judges on the panel at any given time.

Each judge will score every wave out of 10 points — whole numbers only. Incomplete airs will receive a 0. Partially-complete airs will receive a partial score.

Airs will be judged relative to every other air completed in the same round, regardless of direction (hence the leaderboard format).

There’s no firm scoring criteria, but judges will take into account an air’s height, style, creativity, degree & angle of rotation, grabs, and landing when making their decision.

Once all five judges have scored an air, their numbers will be added up for a total wave score out of 50.

If a surfer performs a specific type of air to advance through one round (ex: slob grab air rev), and then they proceed to use that same air in a future round, it will be docked points. One trick ponies can head straight back to the farm.

What’s the prize Money for Stab High Japan?

Pros: $15,000 USD
Monster Air: $10,000 USD
Ladybirds: $5,000 USD
Bottle Rockets: $5,000 USD

For all the information on Stab High Japan (including the fine print), click here to be sent to the official landing page.

You’ll need a Stab Premium account to watch Stab High Presented by Monster Energy. It will be broadcast live on-site and on the Stab Premium app at 5 pm on June 21st and June 22nd (PDT). Sign up for Stab Premium here.

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