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Dakoda Walters has been on fire lately. Winning the QS5000 in Taiwan and coming second in the equally prestigious URBNSURF air jam. Photo by Ed Sloane.

Joel Vaughan Bags $5K @ Boost Mobile Air Jam With A Gutful Of Skittles 

Surf report: concrete-bottomed super kickers @ 2ft x 60 seconds.

Words by Ethan Davis
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Two weeks ago Stab High finalist Dakoda Walters took out the Taiwan QS 5000 over Stab Highwayman Joel Vaughan, banking $10K in the process. With the fruits of his labor, he booked a ticket to Japan for a three-week snowboarding holiday with his girlfriend Keko.


For his second place finish, Joel Vaughan cashed a $5K cheque, which he used to purchase Mitch Crews’ old Ford Ranger. The vehicle promptly clunked out near Mullumbimby only 30 minutes later after a faulty turbo valve caused the engine to fail.

Not so fun. 

A profitable Q3 for these two. Photo by Cait Miers/World Surf League

No foul play was suspected. Crewsy made prompt payment for the mechanical fault, and after a thirty minute servicing, Joel was punching out K’s on the Princes again, heading first to Sydney, then Melbourne for the inaugural URBNSURF Air Jam. 

Very serious surf contest begins. Photo by Jarrah Lynch/ URBNSURF

Joining Dakoda and Joel in Melbourne (who’ve had a handful of incredible QS heats recently. One of which involved Dakoda getting a 10 for an air that broke his hoof) was Dion Agius, Ozzy Wright, Reef Heazlewood, Morgan Cibilic, Hughie Vaughan and Willis Droomer. 

In other words, it was stacked. 

Noz Deane couldn’t make it ‘coz he got the VID. Yes, Nozvid… Ha. 

I’ll see myself out.

Anywhose, at the very specific time of 1:03PM, the first new Wavegarden air ramp rolled through on the right under a cloudless and blue Tullamarine firmament.

No rights were meant to be scored but after a brief regular-foot mutiny, the head judge made a concession. 

As it panned out, not a single surfer landed an air on the left later in the arvo due to unfavorable winds, ergo head judge was the unsung hero of Saturday 18th 2023.

Dion, probs trying to see what the right was doing. Photo by Jarrah Lynch/ URBNSURF

ISA World Junior Champ Willis Droomer took an early lead for an modest indy straight air that scored a 4. 

Hughie ‘Nibbler’ Vaughan (SEOTY incoming) threatened to steal his lunch with a reverse-sushi roll of sorts that violated all understanding body mechanics.

Butttttt, he’d eaten way too many purple skittles and fell on the landing. 

The Vaughan bros, silly goggles activated. Photo by Ed Sloane.

Big bro Joel Vaughan then greased a clean stalefish full rote. My knees got sore watching it. It looked hard to beat and it was. He was awarded an 8.7.

Kodes Walters fired back with a double-grab full rote but fell 0.7 points short. 

No one else landed an air so Joel won. 

Joel, corked. Photo by Ed Sloane.

“That section is terrifying” was the consensus. 

There was also some skateboarding on. Plus a cameo from 2x SITD-winning shaper Britt Merrick, whose presence on the wall surely put the fear of god in the CI boys.

The earth continued its orbit around the sun, and various bands took to the stage, climaxing with Kiama-based Indie rock gang of three, The Terrys – who were well inebriated by the time they came on to headline. 

For some reason it was performance-enhancing.

Photo by Jarrah Lynch/ URBNSURF

Altogether a fine day and night in Naarm.

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