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All photos by Bell Jar Colorist, Cameron Winkelman

Oceanside Kids Shatter The “Bell Jar”

Elbows, toast, and children fly at the premiere of Caity Simmers’ SEOTY.

elsewhere // Sep 2, 2023
Words by Coral McDuffee
Reading Time: 3 minutes

Last night, kids (aged 15- 23) in 30-mile proximity flocked to Sound By The Sea in Oceanside for the premiere of Caity Simmers’ Stab Edit Of The Year, “Bell Jar.” 

The accumulation of revved teens probably had something to do with the itinerary:

  • 7:00pm: Ms. Caitlin serenades the early arrivals with Lauryn Hill beats and Shootz.
  • 8:00: Premiere of our first female entry of Stab Edit Of The Year. 
  • 8:15: Linka Moja (vocalist Eddie Vedder discovered at the Surf Ranch) enamors all.
  • 9:00: Girl punk band Doll Riot takes the stage— elbows get loose.
  • 10:00: Stab Hwy Host, DJ JunkMail carries everyone into the night.

Below is the gallery from the night:

After sunset everyone crowds the stage, eager for the toasters to press play.
Caity poses with next Gen, including fellow Ladybird Eden Walla.
Timo Simmers slings the new Toasted drip.
Caity delivers her inaugural address.
Part two of Oceanside’s Doll Riot and CS— cheers to dazzling futures.
Doll Riot bring the elbows out.
Teenage angst
Everyone gets amongst it.
Rivers part for heavy Oside lowc dogs.
Linka Moja gets the boys on their knees.
Some posters were still dripping…
The real ones remembered their Toasted uniforms.
Shootz fish & beer fit the mold.
Linka Moja performs her newest hit “Othersider.”
Shadow puppets danced too.
Goodbye and g’luck at Ohana Fest.
Everyone got lofty.

Caity’s Stab Edit Of The Year is living on Stab Premium. Immerse yourself in 10-minutes of her creative genius and the single best wave of her life HERE


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