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Griffin Colapinto Meets Mayor Of Peniche, Enjoys A-Grade Freesurf, Collects Second Consecutive Supertubos Hardware

Behind the scenes of the Colapinto brothers’ first shared Finals Day

elsewhere // Mar 22, 2024
Words by Holden Trnka
Reading Time: 2 minutes

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Self-admittedly, Crosby Colapinto has spent his entire life looking up to his older brother — trying at once to imitate and learn from him. It’s a dynamic which he admits may have limited him in the past, fueling a bit of ‘little brother syndrome’ — as he calls it.

Now however, they’re in the same proverbial amphitheater — and they just had their first ever Finals day together. 

In an interview for DNA, Crosby told us, “I’d like to beat Griff in barrels. I think somewhere like Pipe or Chopes would be sick. Cause I know we would push each other to the edge. Like, it’d probably be kind of scary [laughs]. He’s probably most likely to beat me at a beachbreak like Portugal or France.

Unfortunately, we were narrowly denied an all-Colapinto final showdown at the sword of Ethan Ewing — who eliminated Crosby in the semis with two 6’s.

With Griff in first, Crosby in 10th, and two open-ocean righthanders looming on the schedule, you’d have to think both brothers will make the cut.

“When I was younger, I never had the fire. I didn’t know what it was like to really put in the work. I remember losing a contest and I was so bummed and Griffin came up to me and said, “You can’t be bummed because you don’t surf that much and you don’t put in the time. If you really want to make it in surfing, you have to put in the time.” The whole year after that, I made sure that I surfed for like four hours every day. That was the biggest thing for me, that’s what started the fire. ” – Crosby

“For both Crosby and Kade, I hope they run off the fuel of people dissing them, or saying maybe they’re not that good, or there’s no point of difference,” said CJ Hobgood, in our 2024 rookie preview. “As much as I gushed over Cole, I’m on the other end here, and I don’t even know why. I’m just not frothing as hard. I’m gonna throw a little shade, just because there’s not a lot that stands out for me. I don’t know how the judges slot them into the storyline, I just don’t see the point of difference in their surfing. Fans have a real short space you can slide surfers into, and what is it for these guys? But I really hope they prove me wrong.”

At least regarding Cros, you’d have to think CJ is reconsidering his position here.

Click above for a privvy insiders look from Shane Kreutzer at Griffin’s take on the debatable interference call, a meeting with the mayor, a solid dose of layday buffoonery, and way too many ‘ooga chakas.’

Don’t miss the movie grade freesurf at the 20-minute mark.


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