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While You Were Sleeping | Bite Size!

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Gabriel Villaran Shreds

Posted 13 mins ago

We’re used to seeing Gabriel Villaran charge in the hair-raising stuff. He’s damn good at it. But, it can’t be XXL all the time, so this Peruvian makes sure he can bob ‘n weave in the regular stuff, too. For a heavy water specialist, he sure is light on his feet. Watch him dance!

mark Play

Barreled from Mexico to Hawaii

Posted 24 hours ago

Online edits with multiple sessions from waves around the globe are too damn rare. We normally want our content, like, now, without the wait. With a little patience, however, we get something like this edit here, which features spitting Mexican tubes followed by standout sessions on the North Shore.  Watch it all the way throug... read more

marco1 Play

Marco Giorgi is a Smooth Operator

Posted 1 day ago

Marco Giorgi is one stylish cat. Here, he threads Indo barrel after Indo barrel,  throwing a few punts in for good measure. The 2:45 mark is impressive, to say the least.

Video by Deriva Mag

mavericks Play

Mavericks Pumps for Kyle Thiermann

Posted 1 day ago

Kyle Thiermann surfs big Mavericks with ease. Filling up his diesel car, however, apparently isn’t so easy.  Thanks to some good ol’ regular gasoline, Mr. Thiermann vehicle craps out, and he pushes his car the final eight blocks to Mavs…a perfect warmup, right?

nj Play

Andrew Gesler Scores In Frigid New Jersey

Posted 4 days ago

Gotta admit, with it’s shakes and bobbles, this is not the smoothest GoPro footy we’ve seen. That said, a few imperfections actually reveal some angles otherwise overlooked. Visual proof from the 14 to 20-second mark.

pipe Play

Diego Silva Charges Pipe

Posted 4 days ago

Diego Silva’s got a knack for getting really barreled at Pipe. That’s not an easy thing to do when the lineup is stacked elbow to elbow. But, he finds he share, and makes ‘em count.  Notables include the slam at 1:45 and the outer reef bomb at 2:16.

jeff Play

Jeff Lukasik is a Freak

Posted 5 days ago

Jeff Lukasik is one of those San Clementines that’s always in the mix on the Lowers lefts, and constantly finding rampier gems around town.  While he keeps a fairly low profile, his surfing is anything but quiet. The guy throws tweaked spinners with the best of ‘em. Check the 45-second mark for visual proof.

Video by Myles Messinetti

eithan Play

Eithan Osborne’s Winter Wrap-up

Posted 6 days ago

In the past, you may have seen Eithan guest appearing in various Young Wise Tails productions. Now, we get two full minutes of him threading tubes more than twice his size and opening his bag of tricks around his hometown of Ventura, California. Hailing from the land of Reynolds and Coffin, this 14-year-old buck-toothed wond... read more

thiago Play

Thiago Camarao gets really tubed

Posted 6 days ago

Here, Thiago Camarao gets considerably tubed at a wonky brown beachbreak before getting tricky on some small right points. The turns are cool and all, but it’s really all about the first half of the clip. Gotta say, too, Thiago and his mom make quite the acting duo here…

marlonsurf Play

Marlon Lipke Does Mercedes Benz Commercial

Posted 7 days ago

This should have been included in our list of the most "Bizzare and Fabulous Non-Endemics in Surf." Our bad. Here we get Marlon Lipke's handsome mug promoting the Mercedes AMG-C 63 in association with Highsnobiety, a double whammy in odd partnerships. Apparently Marlon, our favorite (and only) German to ever grace the World Tou... read more