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While You Were Sleeping | Bite Size!

Matty Play

Closed-out in LA with Mitch Crews, Matt Pagan and more

Posted 2 hours ago

Photos of Los Angeles are a funny thing, they have the tendency to make it actually look good. This is about as good it gets, mostly closed-out with the slight chance of opening. Which if you live in LA you're well aware of the consistent meagerness presented by the beachies, if not it's too easy to believe in city magic. Whenev... read more

mell Play

Jared Mell’s smooth groove

Posted 5 hours ago

Banks Journal, Volume one. Jared Mell’s a smooth cat from Southern California who’s relocated to Bali. It’s all single fin and finless, all glide and boogie.

Mavs Play

Maverick’s finest hours from above

Posted 1 day ago

February fourth sent a swell to Half Moon bay that was called the best in years. There's always the next big thing in surfing and they seem to come ever-so-often these days. That's just the nature of the ocean, the element of surprise and anticipation. Here's seven minutes of Mavs doing the 'it' thing, featuring all the heavy hi... read more

OBX Play

Justin Quintal, Frosty on the Outer Banks

Posted 2 days ago

Think long, think long. Here’s Mr Quintal in some chilled out East Coast barrels. The past run of swell on the Outer Banks has been just fine.

Edit by Carl Rosen 

wigs Play

Wiggolly Dantas Does the Havaí Wiggle

Posted 5 days ago

Wiggolly, Wiggolly, Wiggolly. What a name, the three syllable caress the tongue so pleasantly. The cat from Brazil's got a mean backhand and knifes a tube the way a housewife on ritalin cuts the Thanksgiving turkey; cool, calculated, aggressive. Here's some more from Wigs during his ongoing stint on the North Shore, mostly Pip... read more

Eli def Play

Eli Steele and the Macaroni Splinta

Posted 5 days ago

Mr Steele’s got himself a new stick. Here he give the Splinta a go at the Ment’s most rip-able left. Some kind of bliss.

Edit by Mikey Mallalieu

sanspit400 Play

Sandspit Friday’s

Posted 6 days ago

An appreciation for the end of the working week. Last Friday, everybody’s favourite novelty wave Sandspit lit up in it’s own weird and wonderful way. An entertaining bunch of folk were on it, making the most. Shot & Edited by Tony Modugno.

Arch Play

Ford and Matt Archy, The Ambient Sound

Posted 6 days ago

Matt Archbold along with Christian Fletcher are California's original aerialists. Bruce Irons once told me the reason he surfs the way he does is attested to Matt and Christian's parts in Herbie Fletcher's Wave Warriors III, 1988. They were the cats going above the lip before it was cool. Here we get Ford and Matt whipping thro... read more

NoosaCatchSurf Play

Dodging Nudies at Noosa

Posted 7 days ago

A wash of mushburgers, board transfers, shove-its and party wave madness. The Catch Surf crew making hay while the sun shines and the waves are completely rubbish at Noosa during their Get Wet Australian Tour. Mind the excess skin, this beach is one of the ‘bathers optional’ kind.

Mad hueys Play

Still Mad Still Huey

Posted 8 days ago

Here’s a beer fueled, carefree good time courtesy of the Mad Hueys. The boys find a few ramps to tow into after their typical shenanigans. Warning: no shoeys, and some censored male nudity.