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André 3000 is a goofyfooter

Posted 3 hours ago, by STABmag

Outkast are in Northern NSW right now for Splendour In The Grass, in case you didn’t know. After crushing at Coachella, they’ve brought their reunion tour to Oz’s favourite three-day party. And, Three-Stacks surfs! He rides goofy! Bombs over Burleigh!

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A brief message on etiquette

Posted 5 hours ago, by STABmag

Cheap laughs, like cheap thrills, don’t last all that long. But, if we can break you from the ad nauseam that comes from a saturated surf media (#jadedfridays) for just this 15 seconds, then we’re doing our job.

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Dorian reiterates he has the best life

Posted 2 days ago, by STABmag

Yet another clip of Shane Dorian getting barrelled somewhere exotic with his GoPro. Gent sure knows how to live. Here’s two-and-a-bit minutes of sublime POV footage from a session with not one breath of wind.

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Sebastian Williams at J-Bay

Posted 2 days ago, by STABmag

Why does J-Bay constantly have to prove itself as a world-class wave? Let’s just all accept that it’s good, and move on. Thank you. Now here’s 14-year-old Sebastian Williams showing you how to surf it, rather phenomenally might we add.

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 10.19.10 am

The Coffey sisters labelled surfing equivalent to Kardashians. Again.

Posted 3 days ago, by STABmag

Oh, you haven't seen the Coffey sisters ruling social media? You haven't seen the bikini shots and the brown skin? We think you're lying, honey. Anyways, The Daily Mail have spotted the sisters and have a story on the Gold Coast surf family. The story is mostly image-based but there accompanying words are great. Here's a particu... read more


Antman at The Right, by Russ Ord

Posted 4 days ago, by STABmag

Russ Ord is the crazy gent who's best known for shooting The Right in Western Australia from the water: rain, sharks or 30-foot double-up. He is fearless and is on a relentless pursuit for the perfect water shot, at one of the heaviest waves in the world. This sequence here he shot of Paul "Antman" Paterson is one of his most me... read more


Ain’t that swell

Posted 4 days ago, by STABmag

Jed Smith and Vaughan Blakey talk the best event of the season, discuss Aritz Aranburu's time in a South African jail back in 2007, Puerto changers, the top five surfing comebacks and Mr Jeremy Flores. ... read more

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More Newport Wedge

Posted 6 days ago, by STABmag

There’s always a scene that gathers when Newport Wedge in Southern California does its thing and Brazillian, Stephan Figueiredo digs holding centre stage.

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Kai Hing and Harry Bryant, Sunshine Coast

Posted 6 days ago, by STABmag

There are a lot of good young surfers in the world and we're at a point now where it doesn't matter whether you're European or Brazilian or African, there is no bias toward Australian and the USA groms. This edit features two of Australia's better juniors, Harry Bryant and Kai Hing: both good surfers but yet to be great surfers... read more

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Salty Crew.

Posted 7 days ago, by STABmag

Ya might have seen the new logo floating around the nose of CJ Hobgoods board and wondered, what is this Salty Crew? Wonder no more as this video answers all your questions.


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