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The biggest shark ever* (*not factual) is in WA

Posted 4 days ago, by STABmag

Today in "Things from Australia that want to kill you": Here's a tagged Great White shark that totally just came to chill and do nothing else at all in the water off Albany yesterday after a whale beached itself. The water had to be cleared right quick 'cause the fish pictured, which we've fondly dubbed Tyrannosaurus Doom, sim... read more

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Mark Richards x Doomsday

Posted 4 days ago, by STABmag

During the Hawaiian winter of 1971 - 1972 Mark Richards commissioned an artist to produce a logo for his surfboard co. Originally inspired by the Bruce Lee movie posters of the Day, MR hoped for something similar. The final result was not what he was expecting. When the artist presented the seemingly unfinished drawing, an o... read more

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Cote’s Cube With Kalani Robb

Posted 5 days ago, by STABmag

Mr Chris Cote is back with his cube, and this time it features perennial legend Kalani Robb. Kalani’s a Catch Surf guru and is having more fun than anyone right now, so it only makes sense that he rolled in to have Cote fire some silly and awesome questions at him.

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The Catch Surf Dream Boat

Posted 6 days ago, by STABmag

There is a surf heaven, and it is aboard the Catch Surf Dream Boat.

PS. Kalani Robb is the man.

From the Same Play

From the Same

Posted 10 days ago, by STABmag

Dion Agius sent us a group email with a Vimeo link to a new short by Riley Blakeway, and said things like, “how rad is this!” and “Fuck riley is so goddamn good.! and Warren, he is also a genius.” Who are we to argue, really? It’s called From the Same, featuring Warren Smith and his slice of wisom.

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More WA, but different

Posted 11 days ago, by STABmag

If we’re honest, any water footage captured through the lens of Tom Jennings is gonna be engaging on some level. This clip from Jerome Forrest surfing in WA not only features aforementioned footage, but also Jerome’s v good surfing too. Barrels, airs, and all that nice stuff.

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Parko, Kerr and more at, uh, a reef

Posted 11 days ago, by STABmag

We’re not in the business of divulging spots that needn’t bee divulged. If you know, you know and that’s fine or whatevs. So, this is a reef that doesn’t like too much east in the swell, being surfed during a swell that had too much east in it, but Joel Parkinson, Josh Kerr, Asher Pacey and more, thanks to Clash Films.

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Jonah Carter: Style Trial

Posted 12 days ago, by STABmag

Young and punk is how we like em, and Jonah Carter fits this criteria to a tee.  Some flair and a wild sense of music for someone from Gen X makes for a deadly edit.


An ex-Dane or Mick board for a good cause

Posted 13 days ago, by STABmag

After a difficult year-long struggle, Simon Nicholson’s wife, Jess, sadly passed away from brain cancer. Friends Of Jess is a fund to help support the Nicholson family – an initiative that earned the attention of Dane Reynolds and Mick Fanning, who have both donated signed boards for auction. With only a couple of days remai... read more

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An amazing wave at Shipsterns on Friday

Posted 13 days ago, by STABmag

Shipsterns Bluff, Tasmania's fave treasure, came to life on Friday. It was most a day mostly ruled by locals (Russell Bierke and Mark Mathews were also in the mix) and this wave here is one of the better you'll have seen ridden out there. Sure, it's a tow but the nerve of Benn Richardson to hold his line as steps rained from the... read more


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