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Matt Bromley Finds Greener Pastures

Posted 1 hour ago

Matt Bromley’s got a taste for the juicier waters. Yeah, he can still whip his tail back and forth, but he’s made the hair-raising stuff his forte. Here, he hits the land of Guiness in search of slabby lefts with a hefty side of cold. He finds it all, and delivers.

cody Play

Cody Thompson Strikes Barbados

Posted 1 day ago

Cody Thomspon took our advice and did a recent trip to Barbados. Apparently there was some odd seaweed party going down, but he manged to find plenty to rip with nobody around. The kid’s got some aggression in those lip jams. We like!

Sage_surf_def Play

Sage Erickson and Dimity Stoyle’s surf video

Posted 2 days ago

No one has more posi vibes in the water than these two ladies, Sage Erickson and Dimity Stoyle. Both haven't quite nailed the WSL thing this year yet, 16th and 13th respectively, but sans jersey they're winning the thrills. There's some good surfing in this edit from a recent Bali stint; particularly Dimity's rail game. Very ... read more

Seb_Williams_Def Play

14-year-old Sebastian Williams rips New Pier

Posted 2 days ago

Not only does Seb Williams absolutely rip for a 14-year-old (and, for a much older person come to that), but he's also more socially-aware than most his age. "The surf city of Durban in South Africa was crippled by a series of xenophobic attacks on foreigners during April 2015 in a wave of violence that swept across South Africa... read more

nj Play

A New Jersey Spring

Posted 5 days ago

Don’t some brown water tubes look appetizing? Here, we get a host of New Jersey’s local crew in a day of hometown peaks before it’s time to ditch the rubber. Soon enough it’ll be all about boardies for these guys, but they aren’t about to wait for the green light. The go-pro footy during the closing credits is a highlight, no doubt…

chicklb Play

Pretty Woman on a Longboard

Posted 5 days ago

There’s something damn great about a pretty lady cross-stepping around some aqua-blue water. Here, we get Victoria Vergara, a French model who’s got mighty light feet on the mal, doing just that. That switch to slo-mo at :45 is a thing of beauty.

northcarolina Play

Rob Kelly’s Double Barrel

Posted 5 days ago

Rob Kelly knows his way around a North Carolina beachie barrel. Here, he threads two damn-pretty ones, the first of which is hats-off deep. But, no selfie at the end? What’s up with that?

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Bryce Young and Derrick Disney do Costa Rica

Posted 6 days ago

Vissla’s wandering duo of DIY enthusiasts, Bryce Young and Derrick Dinsey, ventured to Costa Rica for what they intended to be a 40-day excursion. Jack Coleman was on hand to capture moving visuals of the vintage feels, and some photos for accompaniment (right, here). A little (lotta) grain never hurt nobody.

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Tommy Bursian’s Peruto Rican Winter

Posted 6 days ago

Remember our guide to Puerto Rico from a couple months back? Well, Tommy Bursian is from that awesome place! Here, we get his highlights from the Caribbean winter months around home. The dude’s got a whippy tail.

nate Play

Getting to Know Nasty Nate

Posted 7 days ago

Since Nate’s win at the 2014 Cold Water Classic, he’s gone relatively quiet. Turns out, he’s been working on a film with the fellas at O’Neill. It’s called INNATE, and will highlight Nasty Nate’s tumultuous career and, more importantly, his new fire. Let’s hope he’s farming a nice fireman’s stache. Things got “mojo” written all over it.