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Surf Snowdonia Reopened For Biz

Posted 18 hours ago

After a brief hiatus due to a technical meltdown and the draining of six million gallons, Surf Snowdonia is back. Here Oli Adams, Alan Stokes, Gearoid McDaid, Adam ‘Bearman’ Griffiths and Reubyn Ash give it a go, and it still looks fresh.


Brendon Gibbons Sails the Seven Seas

Posted 1 day ago

Yeah, this is an add. It’s for VISSLA, they made a new wettie; it’s called the seven seas and Brendon Gibbons is in it. He does a few airs and walks down the beach to the soothing sounds of an organ. Dive in, if you dare.


No Regrets, a Trailer

Posted 1 day ago

Ricky Bassnett’s a former world tour surfer who lost eight years of his life to the bottle. This short film is about the trials and tribulations of his bounce back into sobriety, surfing and living life to the fullest.


Jake Halstead San Diego and Beyond

Posted 3 days ago

Mr Halstead’s a gent who hails from La Jolla, California. The kid’s got some power in those trunks of his, beneath his sled water’s moving. Here we get him around home and beyond.

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That’s not bodysurfing.

Posted 3 days ago

Think you’re an above average body whomper? Think again! Did you even know that this was possible?

Puerto Play

Backwards over a Mexican Waterfall

Posted 3 days ago

There’s nothing more horrifying in surfing than getting dragged backwards over the falls. One can only imagine that the feeling that struck Pedro Calado, as he realised that he wasn’t going to make it, was among the low points of his existence. Sure makes for thrilling viewing though, enjoy you cruel devils!


Catch Surf Wet In Maryland

Posted 4 days ago

Kalani Robb and Tyler Stanaland keep the summertime vibes flowing on the East Coast. Here we get the crew in Maine and Maryland, foamed, finned and finless. The Get Wet Tour is striking through the US in perfect Catch Surf fashion.

liela hurst Play

Leila Hurst, Always On The Move

Posted 4 days ago

A day in the life of the lovely miss Leila Hurst. From coffee to psyche with some surfing in between; the feels are real.

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Thiago Camarao, Trestles

Posted 6 days ago

It’s been a slow summer for surf in California so the Lowers edits have been scarce. Thiago and a group of top Brazilian surfers have been posted up waiting for the Pacific to come alive. Here he makes summer look like it’s been pretty fun.

mex default Play

The Perfect Mexican Righthander

Posted 8 days ago

Nate Zoller gorges himself on a Mexican right! It’s just about as perfect as beachbreaks get, and it’s empty, and the water’s tepid. Mexico’s really putting in a strong bid to be your next holiday destination!