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The 10 Best Billabong Surfers Of All Time

  • banta

    Sunny is a meathead loser

  • Encunted

    “With the air reverse choking the world, never have nostalgic rail turns looked so good.” Amen to that.

  • Paul

    TB over parko for sure. Taj changed the game

  • stab

    im going to throw in an alternative: marcus brabant, simon robinson, wade goodall, laurie towner, dylan longbottom and did you have Margo? can’t remember.

    • jb

      Donavon. As far as having your own style goes he’s one of the best

    • Encunted

      Reg Riley, Ralph Pullinger, John Shortis…

  • maxine the mort

    Occy should be number two way more legendary the parko

  • pance

    AI for life

  • Single Fin

    god I miss AI

  • man o war

    Ronnie Burns in bong’s PUMP should warrant a top 10 nominee

  • Georges de Selve

    Maybe they put Parko in second to appease him for the “appreciative judges” comment.

    • .,

      Parko deserved his title last year, Kelly should have lost to Dusty at santa cruz so it shouldn’t have even been close

      • grommit

        if you’re going to play the “should haves” card, Parko should’ve lost to jordy at trestles, so it really shouldn’t have been close..

        • .,

          But he would have lost in the quarter finals and Kelly would have lost in round 2. Big difference, a quarter final is still a result which even in it did happen would barely have affected his campaign seeing as he won pipe in the end

  • GBP

    dont know if you can blame the GFC for the Bong’s demise..
    mismanagement perhaps?

  • TimTam

    sick. TB ahead of parko he is still way more relevant then the groms. Margo changed the free surfing game. All these groms that can’t make a heat but get payed should thank margo…..

    • .,

      Everyone loves TB, me included, but he is hardly more relevant than the groms. He hasn’t done a single air in the entire 2013 CT and from all his clips I have only see him do 1 air. He is sticking to the face this year so he is hardly progressive

  • Brian

    Every now and then I pull a DVD out and watch a Andy Irons section and remind myself how astonishingly good he was – you just don’t get surfing like that from anyone else.

    • frothdog

      fuk yeh.. high 5.. every single wave

  • Bolivia

    Gordon Merchant over Paul Naude in its own right for sure. Both are A$&#*!^$ due to ego and achieve the total champions cup of tanking a company together and running with everyones money and hard work. Good on ya mates for fucking this up. Oh and also knowing about AI’s drug addiction and justifying + stuffing your pockets with fame earnings. But hey lets keep paying them for the “AI for Ever” slogan.

  • guido the killer pimp

    1 occ 2 andy 3 parko 4 taj 5 dorian 6 egan 7 margo 8 rasta ….

  • StuartS

    For me, Occ def at number two just for pure entertainment value and longevity. And what about Ritchie Collins? Surely him or Ronnie ahead of Jordy who, lets face it, is O’neill through and through.

  • woody

    dorian’s gotta be ahead of margo! best big wave surfer off all-time! i reckon rasta should’ve squezzed in there too, i didn’t even know sunny rode for bong and jordy’s long-gone

    • Manbearpig

      Dorian may go down as one of the greatest watermen to ever live. Margo is epic and all but Shane-o is on another planet when it comes down to it

  • yo momma

    fuck parko. fuckin’ fag. the only good thing about having him on tour is to seldomly see his smokin’ hot wife.

    • sam

      do you know what seldom means?

  • Vinicius

    Occy is not the number one? Is it real?

  • BH1

    AI is the best SURFER on this list hands down. But I think you have to be kidding to not have Occy as the best BILLABONG rider of all time. They maybe from different generations but Occy is to bong what Kelly is to quik. They’re the only sponsors the both have known as pros. A case can also be made that AI is the best Gotcha/MCD surfer of all time as Raw Irons is legendary. Some brands are just forever associated with surfers, even despite sponsor changes and that to me dictates their legacy. Curren/OP, Kelly/quik, Carrol/quik, Lopez/bolt, Occy/bong, mick/RC, Bruce/volcom etc… I also think Ronnie Burns should replace Munga and jordy should easily be replaced by a kid named JASON BUTTONSHAW.. Kirra? Surf Into Summer – the video that started it ALL for bong and for which Jason was the star? C’mon.

  • cuttiesandfloaters

    No. Occy No.1. That is all.

  • Dieison Olschowsky

    1- Andy
    2 – Occy
    3 – Taj Burrow
    4 – Parko

  • TH

    Fuck I miss watching A.I. surf… thank god for the internet and video hey…
    He has to be # 1

  • TwoTidesThree

    10. So shrek decided he’d be a surfer, enter Mr Jordy Smith – yet to prove shit except that he doesnt mind the spoils of his talent, especially if they come in the form of a semi hot blond. The End.
    9. Sunny will always be remembered for being the dumb cunt that didnt pay his tax bill. But that time he chased Neco up the beach was pretty funny. Or that time he made Freddy P piss himself. Sunny will also be featured on No Fear, Lifes a Beach, Da Hui etc list of best surfers.
    8.Clap him in guys, you have Mr Munga Barry to thank for the boring pricks like Kieron Perrow, Ace Buchan, and both Hobgoods for thinking its ok to bore the fuck out of us at every tour stop.
    7. Grumpy old Luke Egan, a member of the 3 best friends anyone could have, Fellow list maker JP and the biggest lickarse in the industry JS – everything was going swimmingly until they all tried to hang around each other without a bag of rack up their heads.As for his surfing, fuck ill miss those power bogs.
    6.Shane Dorian, I would love to see him shot with a fuckin bow and arrow and see how he likes it. inhumane.
    5.Brendan Margieson, similar to what they did with Joe Engel, hey we cant market your mental issues now can you go away, quickly.
    4.Occy, maybe the biggest bong fuck up after AI and the financial mess they find themselves in right now, one word SARGE. Save the sos calls to Greasy he aint pickin up.
    3. Hmmm Taj. See’s what works for Alana Blanchard and wants some of the action, all them arm thrusts and bottom turns aint gonna change the fact that your the reddest fuck since Nicole Kidmans bush. And how many chins do you have?
    2. JP also a member of the 3 best friends club, I wonder if he would give his world title up for a new head of hair. Also fun fact for Monica, do you know your Nose never stop growing imagine Joels horn in 20 or yours for that matter yew!
    1. Andy you poor cunt, the first to fall victim to the bong care of duty act. Just another reason for Greasy to not pick up the phone. AI Forever – Fuck do i owe Bong for that, thats their money maker right?

    • BLISS


    • david

      freddy didn’t piss himself. he stuck up for himself. was a pleasure to see. i’m no hunter but dorian eats what he shoots, while you select packaged meat from the meat counter without a thought to how it died. calling out a surfer’s mental issues, classy. you evidently never saw munga or kieren charge in hawaii–anything but boring, but you appear to prefer wringing the sarge story for all its worth. old news. who’s grumpy, egan or you?

      • TwoTidesThree

        Yeah he stuck up for himself. lol Dorian doesnt eat every disease ridden animal he shoots idiot. Not disagreeing with killing just the inhumane manner in which he does it.How would you like an arrow getting shot through your neck? Calling out a surfers mental issues you say, rather bringing them to light, the industry suffocates us with a smiley disposition that everything is fuckin peachy when in reality just like everyone it has its problems. As for Munga and KP yeah they can ride the barrel, so can 50 other guys and better, hawaii is one place, you tell you you’d watch KP for an hour surf a 3ft beach break. zzzzzzzzz Look at Occy mate, how well do you think he is doing, really? And you tell me what has happened with Sarge doesnt go hand in hand with that.

        • Ross

          lay off the crack bro…

    • Encunted

      Gave you a thumbs up for the Taj multiple chin comment.

  • Werb Teister

    Mos def occy is your guy. AI admittedly a freak but for BBNG it’s gots to be The Occs.

  • Mongo

    I think Heath Joske should be on that list.

  • cat williams

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  • Delbazz

    No, I don’t love Sunny. I really don’t.

  • wussupwitdat

    Chris Brown.

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