The Gods Are Happy!

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And now Stab has the pleasure of presenting an exclusive digital short starring Kelly Slater, citizen of the world and spiritual leader of the dream tour. These are what you might call lost files, captured during one of Kelly's various Indo stints last year, kinda on assignment for Quiksilver, mostly on assignment for getting on the inside. This trip started in similar fashion to most of Kelly's trips: One hundred phone calls, 30 hours of travelling, touchdown, straight onto swell maps to find where it's gonna be on. He spent four days in Bali, maxing-out filmer's memory cards, getting poached by amateur shooters, but also calculating which fickle spots would be on. After a coupla days around the mainland, the clique jumped on a boat with Riz Tanjung navigating, and headed to a secret village where coconuts and lobster are less than a dollar. There were no other white men there and the waves were happening.

Tom Jennings was on hand with focused lens and considered eye. What you'll see above are the fruits of the team's labours. Kelly served straight up, no jersey, no bullshit. What else y'want for a mid-week hit?