North Of Milan; An Epokhe Field Trip

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North Of Milan; An Epokhe Field Trip

As far as surfer-owned small biz goes, Epokhe is the creme. An exceptional eyewear company with charismatic brains behind it and a tight, talented team – what's not to adore? Especially when co-owners Kai Neville and Dion Agius are so immersive in nature; for your start-up to succeed, you've gotta live and breathe it, which is exactly what we see Kai and Dion do in a small Italian village, some hours north of Milan, where premium eyewear production is a master craft.

This behind-the-scenes look at Epokhe's product origins was filmed during a biannual trip, during which Dion and Kai help design shades like their new model, NOPA; a bold yet subtle flat-brow design which you'll likely see around the internets on the handsome countenance of Mr Jack Freestone.

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