The Snapper Day That Won't Be Forgotten Any Time Soon

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The Snapper Day That Won't Be Forgotten Any Time Soon

This was the day of professional surfing competition that just keeps on giving. The video you'll see above features Freddy Patacchia, one of the tour's most awesome personalities, expressing his frustration through the magic of interpretive dance. See also: Pumping a knee-high whitewash in to plant his board on a rock (6:45 mins in).

With one minute remaining, Freddy was sitting on a heat total of 0.5. He removed his leg rope after his rock slide. He proceeded to cross the sand, signing no signatures. He passed the VIP picket fence, dropped his (wrecked) board and swore very, very loudly. Instead of hanging in the competitor's area on the Greenmount side of the $1M complex he sprinted, and I mean S P R I N T E D, through the Quiksilver Pro event site, still in his jersey, across the road and into his room, seven stories up in the Columbia Apartments. And that’s a damn slow lift ride.

Freddy's boardslide adds to a day of awesomeness, which in hindsight was always gonna happen after so many lay days, that's so far included:

– Josh Kerr combo'ing his own board... with his fist. "Frustration/anger are emotions I really try to stay away from!" he later wrote on Instagram beneath a video. "Today that didn't work! #tantrum." Big love, Mr Kerr.

– Mid-heat, Kelly Slater swapped his Channel Islands for a stumpy little Tomo shape. He paddled out on it and didn't get another wave. He lost the heat to rookie Italo Ferreira.

– Joel Parkinson was eliminated by Wiggolly Dantas. John John Florence was eliminated by Matt Wilkinson.

– And of course, Gabriel Medina lost to Micro Hall due to an interference, and then held nothing back on the webcast, see below: