Coming Soon: Stab’s Guide To The Sunshine Coast

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Coming Soon: Stab’s Guide To The Sunshine Coast

It’s a bizarre aspect of the Australian psyche that, despite living on an island that boasts potential for world class waves on most coastal stretches, many surfers will jump a flight OS to chase waves at the first opportunity. This in mind, it was Stab and Summer Bright’s wish to bring the microscope back onto that which is in Australia’s backyard: A rich tapestry of bright surf culture pockets, good times, and incredibly good waves. 

If you’re visiting from another country, or if you’re Australian and looking for somewhere different to point your wheels for a weekender, then this series will serve as a collection of suggestions, and guides, for some of the best (but less popular!) surf destinations in the country.

First up, we’re breezing through the Sunshine Coast. We’ll be asking local pros where to get coffee, where to get dings fixed, where to shred, where to dine, where to enjoy an icy glass of liquid gold post-surf, and more. We also go surfing with Mitch Coleborn, Harry Bryant and Kai Hing.

Keep an eye out for the first episode of About Town, coming soon exclusively to Stab.