Arachnophobia, Claiming And The Diet Of Jordy Smith

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Arachnophobia, Claiming And The Diet Of Jordy Smith

Continuing with Stab and Corona’s coverage of the peripheral happenings of the CT world, the Beach Chair series returns. In this episode, we sat last year’s Bells Beach runner up, Jordy Smith in the backyard of his temporary Jan Juc residence. Capitalising on a brief opportunity to peer into his headspace at the dawn of event number three, spliced with a little hard evidence of his recent Victorian freesurfing.

Steering away from vanilla competitive topics, Jordy revealed his thoughts on the polarising art of the claim, a fear of Australian wildlife (particularly the eight legged kind!) and a look at the diet of a high-performance athlete who enjoys a casual slice for the sake of balance. Lastly, we wound the clock back a few years to shine a light on a particular rap song (starring: Guess who) that, until recently, had flown under our radar, but deserved exploration.

Jordy is refreshingly vibrant throughout, even after an insect encounter that may or may not have been a figment of an arachnophobic imagination. Spirits are high on the eve of his bell ringing campaign.

In the event you missed the two episodes prior, you can get at them here and here, respectively. And keep it locked for more special features from the 2017 Rip Curl Pro, Bells Beach from Stab and Corona.