Red Bull Jaws – Paddle at Pe'ahi

The outline was penciled in, but now, like oil on canvas, the Red Bull Jaws has taken form. The short? Twenty-one men, paddling into Pe'ahi, no rope assistance. The long? From December 7, 2012, to March 15, 2013, creator Ian Walsh and pals will be looking for "wave face heights of between 30 and 50 feet, from a NNW swell direction with light winds." The event's waiting period coincides with The Eddie's, but organisers from both events are in communication, and since the conditions need for each spot to fire are so different, there's no real problem. The event has been two years in the making and will be directed by Mike Parsons. As the invitees receive their invitations, their names and info will appear on the official event site. Five men have been confirmed – Ian (of course), Dave Wassel, Jeff Rowley, John Florence, Kala Alexander, Albee Layer, Carlos Burle, Grant 'Twig' Baker,  Greg Long, Jamie O'Brien and Makua Rothman – leaving 10 spots to be filled during the event's countdown.

Stab's predictions for some of the remaining spots?

Mark Healey
Shane Dorian
Bruce Irons
Matt Meola
Kohl Christensen
Garrett McNamara
Kai Barger
Alex Gray
Billy Kemper
Mark Mathews
Danilo Couto
Kelly Slater

... thanks, commentators. We've made a couple of amendments. 

Y'can check out the official site, here.