Italo Ferreira Just Injured Himself On The Gold Coast

Who’s your favourite CT Brazilian goofy-footer that used to ride for Oakley, wears gold chains and owns at least one pair of Timberlands?

Jadson Andre?

Mine’s Italo Ferreira. He’s powerful, he’s tech, and he won’t hold back. The kid is easily one of the most exciting on Tour and you are the fleshy equivalent to a vaporiser pen if you disagree.

And now, bad news: Earlier today, Italo tried an air at small D'bah and landed wrong. Like, really wrong. Couldn’t even walk up the beach. He got carted off for an MRI and the formality of somebody in a white coat telling him he’s fucked. The coming days should bring forth the details of all that.

In the likely event that Italo can’t surf for the next event or three, Nat Young will get the call-up after finishing just outside of qualification on the CT last year. Due to Owen Wright and Bede Durbidge’s injuries last year, Stu Kennedy and Sebastian Zietz surfed the whole of 2016 via this rule. Both re-qualified because of it.

And, Italo: Stab highly appreciates you, your surfing, and your Timbs. One of our staffers may even own your WSL merch jersey (seriously). Heal up quick, pal.

Italo 15R7174 2

This is the air that did it. As we saw from his 10-point ride in the Quiksilver Pro, Italo has no problem committing to a vertigo backside swing. But, all it takes is a centimetre of miscalculation.