Australia's first Wave Pool to open late 2017

The Basque Country, Wales, Austin, and now: Melbourne. Familiarise yourself with URBNsurf, the biz who'll be bringing the polarising Wavegarden technology to Australia. A year and half ago we reported Melbourne as a possible location, and today it's been confirmed. Originally the pool was proposed for a CBD location, and while in reality it'll be 23 minutes' drive from the CBD, in the Airport suburb of Tullamarine, the World’s Most Livable City will greet be thrilled to welcome a Wavegarden.

Wavepool Melbourne Australia Location

Andrew Ross is the man behind Wave Park Group, the company responsible for UBRNsurf Melbourne, and holds the keys to Australia's newest wave – one that requires no dredging of sand. But it's not his only wavepool planned for Oz; You may also remember the proposal to turn Subiaco Oval into a wavepool? Yeah, that's Andrew too.

"Up until now, surfing has been held back by geographic limitations, only available at certain coastal locations, and by weather conditions, needing enough swell, the right wind, tide and daylight," says the website. "URBNSURF unlocks these limitations and allows surfers to enjoy their sport safely, more easily and more often. #surfmore.

"With a north-south lagoon orientation, URBNSURF Melbourne has been designed to suit prevailing winds, with one side of the lagoon always delivering offshore waves. LED lagoon lighting means you can surf night and day."

While the Kelly Slater Wave Co might be the most progressive of the world's wavepools, the Wavegarden undoubtedly possesses some of the best and most user-friendly man-made wave tech on the market to date. 

The Wavegarden will be hitting Melbourne late 2017.

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