Introducing The New Haydenshapes Snakeskin Fins

Recognised for extending the ceiling in surfboard design, Hayden Cox, mastermind behind Haydenshapes, FutureFlex tech and the Hypto Krypto deity, has just unveiled his latest creation to the world – a versatile fin silhouette with a monochromatic snakeskin twist. Designed primarily around the multi-award winning Hypto shape, the large sized set are similar to the all-rounder silhouette of the FCS II Performer, with a longer base and less sweep to enhance a board's drive capabilities. The FCS II HS claws are constructed with a Performance Core Carbon with tight carbon mesh strips at the front and rear of the base radiate to a loose carbon mesh in the tip which secures stiffness in the base while providing a relatively free tip flex. If all this tech talk doesn't excite then direct your attention above, you'll catch the nimble Pama Davies field testing the set via motion pixel.


For the design, I’ve combined a unique transitional flex pattern through the carbon fibre webbing with the Haydenshapes fin template to suit the Hypto Krypto FutureFlex. It was important for us to have a uniqueness in the look and feel of this fin and inject the Haydenshapes style and aesthetic down to the finer details.”

Click them in and breathe a little reptilian sophistication into your fave craft, over here.