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Get Bad Bad Not Good, here

Have you ever heard the crunch of a bone as you land a backside air-reverse in a Balinese shorebreak? Or, the sound of six screws being drilled into the fibula you just broke? Or, the sound the metal plate in your ankle makes when you tap it, while you’re watching friends surf? Or, the sound of your first wave after nine weeks’ recovery? Or, the sound of a faint pop in your other ankle, on an awkward landing after only eight weeks back in the soup? And then, finally, the sound of torrential Gold Coast rain outside, as your doctor tells you it’s a grade three tear?

Ryan Callinan knows all these sounds.

Bad Bad Not Good is a digital short that details his experiences over the last year-and-a-bit, directed by Jay Grant. Presented by Billabong and Stab, available for free download, right here, right now.

If you wanna download your very own copy, click right here and watch it slide into your machine.

  • Sarah Ma

    Love it Jay. Kudos to you.
    See you next weekend.
    Sarah (from Byron)

  • SAm

    So sick, love ryans surfing!

  • bukowski


  • kreps


  • annalisa

    that is a great clip Jay, the perfect combination of surfing and showing the humanity of the surfer.

  • Alan

    That’s awesome. thanks!

  • Swagger 420

    Did they get the name of the movie from the band ?

  • Jarrif

    Really enjoyed this. This kid’s showing glimpses of that “x factor” or whatever. Stoked

  • nice one

    quality, great work….and good luck ryan on keeping those pins in one piece eh

  • Belinda Parkes

    Enjoyed watching Ryan on our boards, top stuff Ryan and Jay, looking good in the water! And what a Lovely kid too know, who 3P surfboards is proud to support!

  • Jimmy Truth

    The name of that short is very appropriate. Bad Bad, Not Good indeed.

    • Jim Dorgz

      Fuck up Jimmy Truth.

  • Radny


  • Radny

    Radny. Thas godwweascrgbu

  • truth

    gay as

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