Noah Wegrich Rises Above The Turbulence, California

"It was the first day in a while the swell wasn't bombing and everyone was flocking to their dependable reefbreaks," said lensman Teddy Miller. "Noah Wegrich insisted on surfing alone at this fickle left wedge. It's a seaglass beach, not a surf spot, a closeout to the average set of eyes, but Noah somehow turned that into massive airs, and fun little barrels. This was actually the first wave Waggy caught while I was there. He stomped this one, and a handful of others, into a few inches of water. By the end of the session he'd buckled his board and smashed his elbow, but was psyched to find more."

This image has been hand-selected as this week's Stab x O'Neill Full Frame winner. In case you hadn't heard we're currently running a competition in which we're going to pay for one talented photographer to fly to Hawaii and get schooled by lens veteran Brian Bielmann in his elite workshop. How does one have a swing at this fine offering? Much like our current monthly #stabfullframe x @oneillusa competition, you've gotta dig up your finest frames, post on Instagram tagging  #stabfullframe@oneillusa@developinglegends and @turtlebayresort then email your full nameaddress and the link to your post/s (you can enter more than once!) to [email protected]

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