Kolohe Andino, glitter under grey skies at Lowers, CA

Finding your footing on tour is a slow burn, and Kolohe Andino in his sophomore year, is burning away. This year he's had a fifth at the Volcom Pipe Pro, a 49th at Surfest, 25th at Snapper, ninth at Margaret River and 13th at Bells. There's certainly been moments, like the shorebreak full-rote at Bells. But it's early days and that rank will keep being built-upon. With two weeks to go until Rio, and Mr Slater leading the ratings, it's a very exciting time on the world tour right now. If there's punchy beachies (likely) expect Kolohe to light up.

But regardless of all that, watching Brother surf Lowers, which you can see him doing above, is quite a thing. The best thing about having a frontside fin throw as locked-down as Kolohe does? The freedom to experiment with angles. This is just as upside down as it looks.