An Indication That Kirra May Steal Snapper's Thunder

We selected the above image as the winning #stabfullframe x @oniellusa submission mostly because of the charm of those endless walls, but also because it’s kinda topical. You see, when last week’s swell arrived and our feeds became swollen with dreamy Gold Coast content, one particular section of the bank had the most attractive sand build up, and that was at Kirra. 

Unconfirmed whispers (we're investigating) suggest that the WSL can move the contest to Kirra if they wish. Which is good and fine for surfers and us viewing from the sidelines, as we are treated to higher quality performance, but what about the supporting enterprises? They can't simply uproot and move their installations two kilometres up the beach, can they? Either way, the charts indicate a highly favourable three metre easterly pulse is on approach and the entire stretch is likely to fire. 

"The tide was high first thing in the morning, but Kirra was still handling it," said lensman Jesse Little of this fine day. "There is so much sand built up around the groyne." 

This image has been hand-selected as this month's Stab x O'Neill Full Frame competition winner. Remember to tag your finest captures #stabfullframe and @oneillusa to feature in our premium gallery. You just might win, score a prize from O'Neill and find your image up in lights.

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