Jordy Smith, varial on the way in, Gold Coast

Yesterday, the sand pump behind Snapper Rocks turned on. After being shut off due to debris clogging (care of some serious storm activity in recent weeks), the pump somehow cleared up and starting belting grains into the ocean to drift around the point. This is good news for competitors, viewers and contest organisers.

"Fuck all this running around Rainbow Bay and Kirra," says photog Ryan Mille, who shot this sequence of Jordy Smith on his last wave of a late afternoon session yesterday. "The event workers must be pulling their hair out setting up all that equipment in a new location every single day. Jordy was out last night at Snapper and was giving those waves hell. The shit he was doing would have made most surfers tremble and feel sorry for his boards. These photos were from when he was on his way in on a little left where most people would have been riding on their bellies this time. You think he feels comfortable out there?"