Jamie O'Brien, under a bus at Newport Wedge, CA

For the first big south swell of the Californian summer, Red Bull had a plan. Two men would be on call and those men would be Jamie O'Brien, pictured here, and fellow Hawaiian Bruce Irons. The swell finally came and, as you can see from this photo, it was classic unhinged and pretty solid Wedge. Unfortunately, Bruce didn't make it down for the session. But, Jamie did.

This set, according to photog Jimmy Wilson, who took this shot, was the biggest of the day. It was a pack of six waves in total. Jamie got torched on one, then another guy dropped in on one but didn't make it over the side, and straightened-out. The others went unridden. But, Jamie went under all of them. That's him duck-diving in the grey suit, towards the bottom of the frame. Not exactly a position to be envious of, huh?

Photo: Jimmy Wilson/ Red Bull Content Pool