An Ode To The Unobtainable, New Jersey

Ben Currie is an East Coast photog with an Instagram account worthy of your viewing. Lined with ice teepees, rubber wrapped humans and snow-sprinkled shorelines, you'll be the first to hear of any notable moments in the North Atlantic should you care to join his following. At first glance these murky coloured curls can appear inviting, but generally aren't. You've gotta dodge the ferocious winds and ocean currents that accompany the storm cells required to produce anything decent in that part of the world. Oh, did we mention it's horrendously cold? Lately water temps have sat marginally above zero degrees celsius (or 35 fahrenheit) but in saying that there have been options for hardened opportunists.

"This one's from a two day north-easter that moved above us here in New Jersey last week, right as the wind swung offshore," says Ben of the gloomy winner of this month's #stabfullframe x @oneillusa competition. "It was cold and rainy with an awful current but if you could stay in place long enough the rewards were well worth the burn."

This image has been hand-selected as this month's Stab x O'Neill Full Frame competition winner. Remember to tag your finest captures #StabFullFrame and @Oneillusa to feature in our premium gallery. You just might win, score a prize from O'Neill and find your image up in lights.

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