Stab Magazine | Introducing a Handsome Young Man Who Threads Kirra Like Fanning

Introducing a Handsome Young Man Who Threads Kirra Like Fanning

His name is Tane Bowden. 

cinema // Sep 3, 2019
Words by stab
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Have you heard of Tane Bowden (pronounced Tah-nay, not Tān)?

Back in 2014, the Kiwi featured in Quiksilver’s KOTG international final. Five years later, Tane has matured both in style and stature, featuring a lead back foot and jaw carved from granite. 

A constant stand out on the Goldy (where he now lives), Tane’s surfing has taken on characteristics of the biggest names around him, like Mick Fanning’s pump through a Kirra cave, Jack Freestone’s backside whip, and boards shaped by Mitch Crews’ bro, Alex (ACSOD). 

Now 18, Tane must begin to think about his future in surfing. Will he follow the comp route (Tane recently won the Pro Jr. at Burleigh), chase perfect waves, or take an alterntative route, perhaps batting those those electric blue irises in the direction of fashion photog$?

We asked Tane five questions to learn more about his career intentions. Watch  new flick above, then get to know this young man below. 

Stab: How old are you/where are you from?
Tane Bowden: I’m 18 years old, and I was born in New Zealand and grew up in a small town called Whangamata. I started surfing when I was 8, and when I was 13 we moved to Torquay, which was an amazing place to learn how to ride big open walls. Then I moved to Coolangatta when I was around 15.

What are your intentions with surfing? Tour guy, freesurfer, somewhere in between?
My main goal is to make the world tour and along the way travel around the world surfing the best waves and stack clips! 

What’s your biggest strength in surfing?
I don’t feel like I have a particular strength, I think there’s always room to grow with everything, but I’m not too shabby at the old Kirra race track.

Your biggest weakness?
Overthinking. It really took me a while to find my groove and confidence in comps. I feel like I’m now in a place where I’m so much better at recognising when I’m overthinking, which has allowed me to surf like I’m free surfing when I’m in my heats. 

Who are your three biggest influences, surfing or otherwise? 
I grew up watching Julian Wilson’s old blog-style surf videos, which would amp me up to go surf anything! 

Mick Fanning for sure as well—he saw me surfing out at Snapper one day and gifted me 4 surfboards, which really inspired me to want to give back to others when I’m older.

Also my family and close friends, especially Stace Galbraith—my fairy godmother, coach, and brother who’s also my fairy godmother [laughs].


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