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We promise this won't (really) hurt.

Wanna win a new surfboard? We have a custom Chilli ‘Black Vulture’ to gift (plus all the trim you’d expect from a premium dealer). To be in the running, just answer a few questions for us. It won’t take long.

Why Did The Brazilian Press Lose Their Shit Over Video Of Medina And Neymar Holding Hands?

While we shudder to think of reporting this as capital-N "News," on this first week of January, 2020, we would be remiss if we did not acknowledge the social media flame wars lighting up screens in Rio, Sao Paolo, Barcelona, Madrid, and elsewhere.

In the twenty four hours or so after a short video of Neymar and Gabriel Medina New Year's Eve leaked, Brazilian tabloids and news outlets alike jumped on seven seconds of footage from New Years Eve, featuring a very, very carefree looking Gabriel Medina wearing dark glasses and dragging by the hand behind him his close comrade Neymar Jr. 

According to Brazilian outlet Record, "The images were recorded in 2019 and the controversy began in the 'old' year and the arrival of 2020 has not yet made her forget: Neymar and his friend Gabriel Medina chose a luxurious mansion in Barra Grande, Bahia, for New Year's Eve and The party seems to have been big. According to Brazilian columnist Leo Dias, the chosen mansion is known for being a private party stage, where the only things that are not welcome are mobile phones, filming and stories ...

and the seven seconds that were published on the networks. Social problems can do a lot of damage."

So what, exactly, is going on? And what is everyone so angry about? 

According to the Daily Mail, Medina and Neymar have been hanging closely the last few weeks, starting with a "hippie themed"  party celebrating Medina's 26th birthday. 

Neymar Jr. arriving for Gabriel Medina's "psychedelic," "hippie-themed" birthday party December 26th.

You'll recall New Year's is a favorite holiday of Medina's, and a night he does better than any other surfer on the planet (27 to 3 model to bro ratio, anyone). It's a subject we've reported on heavily, as is his relationship to his perennial New Year's brother-in-arms. 

From Stab's groundbreaking investigation last year, "Gabriel Medina Had A Better New Year's Eve Than You (Again!)"

This year he partied at a mansion in Barra Grande. Footage from the party leaked New Year's eve, showing Gabe leading Neymar run-dancing hand in hand, with two women in hot pursuit. 

(Translated from Portuguese): "The duo was filmed enjoying a party in Barra Grande, where the player rented a luxury mansion to spend New Year’s Eve. Neymar starts dancing with some girls on the beach sand, but Gabriel, as a good companion, drags the player along. hand. While one friend is beyond, the other tries to keep him from doing something he regrets. Very easy to identify with this kind of situation."

Here's Antena 3's take: "Both went to a beach party where they were caught by a camera . In the video you can see how surfer Gabriel Medina takes a Neymar hand in hand who seems to give everything. The images have caused an earthquake on the Internet. Thousands of people have already reacted to this video . Some say that the Brazilian was drunk at the time it was recorded, others even go beyond alcohol."

Now, that last sentence is a little alarming, purposefully vague, and ripe with insinuation. "beyond alcohol..." The mind positively reels. 

Brazilian celebrity Carol Sertorio, aka Carol Nose responded via Brazil's Noticias da TV.

"After the video that appears "chasing" Neymar Jr. viralizing, Carol Sertorio, known as Carol Nose, decided to mock the situation. In the comic record, former panicat and friend Vanessa Dias follow the soccer player, who is pulled by Gabriel Medina, in what appears to be an escape from the two blondes.

"The way to cry is laughing, right, guys?" She joked.

Through Instagram's Stories tool, Carol forced laughter with Vanessa to explain what happened. 

"That's it, guys, the little dance", simulated Vanessa, imitating the movements of Medina in the video.

"We're laughing a lot. Despite everything, it's very funny," began Nose. "Although you speak what you do not even know ...", pinned the colleague."

The "damage done" by the video gets lost in translation, but its safe to say Gabe and Neymar are under close scrutiny in their home country. 




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