Photolyfe: Clark Little

Welcome to PhotoLyfe, in which Stab’s favourite photographers answer questions about themselves with their own images. It’s that old picture-tells-a-thousand-words chestnut but with more colour and pop. It’s a way to cut out all the bullshit. It’s like jacking into the main vein of those who supply us with exquisite surf imagery every day. Give thanks by studying each image with a more careful eye than ever!

While the true world thunders by, Clark Little is happy documenting the moment when waves extinguish. Have you seen the way that sand scoops up through the turquoise face of a shorebreak? Or, the way the sun dances on the wall just before detonation? Scary and pretty, all at once! It’s kinda captivating. That’s Clark’s zone. He’s been capturing condensed slices of violence and beauty in shorebreaks since 2005. Some mainstream recognition (National Geographic, thanks) and a successful gallery and website have since become his full-time game. And now we really glimpse into his world via a considered stream of visuals...

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1. Describe yourself



2. Where are you from?



3. What got you into photography?



4. Where do you wish you were right now?



5. What inspires you?

DSC_2390_double wave_900


6. Who’s your favourite person to photograph?



7. What makes the best photograph?



8. What’s your favourite weapon?



9. Describe your mood right now.



10. What else should we know about you?



Clark's photography book is now available and jammed with hypnotic imagery like the above. You should check it out here.