Frank James Solomon Is Not Who He Says He Is

“I had never met Frank,” filmmaker and director of Let’s Be Frank, Peter Hamblin tells Stab. “I only had a preconceived idea of who he was through social media. I was like the guy's always traveling. He’s got big sponsors; he’s making money and always has girls. I met Frank one night. We had a couple of beers, and I was probing him because I was intrigued. And I found out Frank *this part of the interview has been removed until the film’s world premiere*. I told him we should make a movie about you. We’ll call it Let’s be Frank.”


This is the coastline of Frank's home, South Africa.

It’s hard to figure out if Let's be Frank is a surf film or a film with surfing in it. “I don’t know what exactly to categorise it as,” says Peter. “I just wanted to make something that would entertain.” The film’s been in the works for three years and shot in four different countries; from the North Shore to Ireland, South African big wave charger and the star of the film, Frank James Solomon’s double life is questioned, leaving us asking, just who is Frank? 

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This is one of Frank's homes.

“Everyone’s done the story of the humble surfer who’s taking on the world,” continues Mr Hamblin. “I thought we should search for who the real Frank James Solomon actually is.” And, with the lines between myth, legend and reality blurred, as they so often are through today’s modern conveniences, John John Florence, Pat O’Connell, Donovan Frankenreiter, Andrew Cotton, Jamie O’Brien and more attempt to answer who Frank is. The film also features a music score by three-time Grammy Award winner, Ben Harper. “I phoned Frank the day after I met him three years ago, and now we’re ready to put the film out.” 

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This is Frank having one hell of a good time.

Hamblin Imagery along with co-producers Red Bull Media and Clapham Road Studios are pleased to announce that Let’s be Frank will be holding it’s global premiere in Los Angeles at the start of September. For more info on a film we highly recommend you see, head right here

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This is Frank.