Watch: Jake Marshall in "Big Timers"

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Watch: Jake Marshall in "Big Timers"

We'll be damned if this isn't the whitest and brightest depiction of life west of the 5 Freeway. In a world where affluent kids from the coast emulate rap-stars, Jake Marshall's newest edit "Big Timers" cut to Meek Mill's The Difference is filmmaker Blake Michel's parody of the modern hip-hop music video.

“This summer we got a bunch of fun waves at home and were surfing every day,” Jake tells Stab after we felt inclined to inquire about his newest clip. “Before every session we were getting a psyched up listening to rap music, so we figured it’d be fun to make a hip-hop video.”

It's safe to say Jake's an ASAP Ferg fan.

Naturally, we ask if that’s his gal, “Nah,” he says. “It’s my filmer Blake’s friend, we just called her and asked if she could come help us out with something,” he laughs. “I’d never met her before.”

“The name of the clip, Big Timers is from a Marty Baller and ASAP Ferg song,” he continues. “We were originally going to use the song, but it’s a little too aggressive, so we just used the video and name for inspiration. The previous clips I’ve put out I haven’t been able to show much personality, it’s all been like here I am surfing and talking into the camera. Being able to make this with my friends, without any sponsor pressure and pretend to be living in the hip-hop fantasy was fun.” Give Jake’s last clip a watch right here. “And to be clear, we’re obviously aware we aren’t gangsters,” he laughs. Also, to be clear, Jake enunciates gangster with an “er”, rather than an “a”.

May be too aggressive for the clip, but it's not too aggressive for us.

Mr Marshall’s a freshly legal 18-year-old out of Encinitas, California who grew up around the likes of Rob Machado, Taylor Knox and Damien Hobgood and is currently surfing in the WSL World Junior Championships at Kiama, NSW. We're big fans of the offbeat; from the dirt bikes, doughnuts in the soccer mom car, rolling dice and flashing Washingtons and Lincolns, we applaud. So go ahead, hit play and pour one out for the dead homies. 

Film and edit by Blake Michel