Red Bull Decades ep six: Surfboards of The Future

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Welcome back to Red Bull Decades. This series, based on some of the world’s best surfers riding some of the most iconic boards in surfing history, has so far seen Kolohe Andino, Julian Wilson, Ian Walsh and Jamie O’Brien riding a Greg Noll Elephant Gun, a Gerry Lopez Pipeline Gun, a Glenn Pang x Martin Potter Town and Country Twin Fin, the Channel Islands x Kelly Slater 6’1″, shaped by Al Merrick, and a Mayhem Hydro-Flex Rocket. While the series is based around iconic and historic boards, there's also a futuristic element, as we see in this episode, which features three boards shaped by Meyerhoffer, Thompson and Cole. The designs are funky, but as Al Merrick says, we're just not used to things that look like that. And as Jules shows, y'don't wanna judge a book by its cover...