Come Meet One Of Surf's Brightest New Teams:

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Come Meet One Of Surf's Brightest New Teams:

Rusty are one of those surf companies that play the game precisely as it should be played: With a generous serving of self-deprecation. Let us not forget how fun surf is! And, as such, Rusty truly maximised an opportunity they were recently presented with. See, once Josh Kerr and Noa Deane had left the house for something new, it free’d up some space (and cash). The R Dot could’ve scooped up one famous, marquee surf dog to carry the brand. But instead, they did something far better: Invited four blossoming and highly charismatic younger surfers to join the fam.

Naturally, this led to a colourful team field trip to the North Shore. The trade winds were wildly optimised. Memory cards were burned through. Acid drops were attempted. Comedy ensued. I certainly know which house I’d have crashed this winter. Above is an introduction, of sorts, to the new faces in Rusty’s house (plus a special appearance from familiar face, Dylan Goodale). But just in case you wanna know a little more, let’s meet the gang…


Harry Bryant

It’s no secret that we’re fond of this kid. Genuinely humorous, and a bastion of the bowl cut, the 20-year-old clown prince of Noosa Heads is rubbery, fast and adaptive on a wave. While his performance game was crafted on the milky sand-bottom setups of the Sunshine Coast, he’s very rounded and really digs a chunk of south coast reef. And that’s not even to mention his stand-up bodyboard skills. Stab recently had Haz show us around his hometown – he makes for a very good guide. You can watch that here.


Lucas Silveira

Heard of this kid? If you don’t know him for his 2015 junior world title, then perhaps you’ll remember him after seeing the power turns he lays down on some thick Hawaiian juice in the above film. Lucas grew up struggling in small waves, and could not string a heat together. But the sorely-missed Ricardo dos Santos took Lucas under his wing and shaped him into a surfer who really shines in solid surf – annual, month-long stints in Hawaii will do that to you.


Noah Schweizer

And how about 21-year-old Floridian, Noah Schweizer? An exceptional fisherman, boyfriend of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger’s daughter, Ireland, and a wildly talented surfer sculpted by the sandy wedges of New Smyrna Beach, where he had the pleasure of surfing with, and emulating, the Geiselman Brothers, Aaron ‘Gorkin’ Cormican and Noah’s own brother, Nils. "Right now all I want to do is throw everything I have into my surfing, and putting out videos that show people what I've got,” Noah says. “Good surfing to me is someone with good form and style, who surfs fast and never holds back on any section that comes their way. Style plus aggression is where it's at, and I hope that's what people see in my surfing."


Pamatatau Davies

Pama has been under-appreciated by the surf industry for some time, and Stab’s thrilled to see a company take control of his surf craft’s nose. Growing up in Bondi, Pama is one of the world’s most skilled crowd dodgers. Crafting his skills at Bondi Beach and Tamarama, Pama can draw a line through a packed lineup without missing a section (on which he’ll loosen the fins frequently). When we did a softboard test late last year, Pama was the obvious choice, and he really did not disappoint.