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Nike downsize involvement in surfing

As of December 31 this year, Stab has learned that Nike’s big-name surf athletes will peel off Nike logos and apply Hurley stickers. World tour surfers Kolohe Andino, Julian Wilson, Michel Bourez and Alejo Muniz will soon all surf for Nike-owned company, Hurley. The news came unofficially today, when head-to-toe Nike team riders were in Hawaii, that the company will be partially retracting and will now remain in surfing only as a footwear sponsor.

Brother will never light up the Nike US Open of Surfing again. Photo: Steve Dolan

Tomorrow an official release will reach the surfing world with the news that Nike’s marquee surf athletes are now riding for Hurley. Our industry insider said, “Every single guy who is on Nike is now on Hurley. Every. Fucking. Guy.” And , the girls, too. Carissa Moore, Lakey Peterson and Laura Enever will all move across to Hurley. This marks a change for Hurley’s strategy as they’ve never had a team who were professional surfers in the traditional sense, but rather ambassadors. And, also along for the ride are a huge list of surfers that include men like Koa Smith, Kai Barger, Filipe Toledo and Nat Young. The team will still ride for Nike but for footwear only. As of January 1, 2013, Hurley will be the main sponsor of eight outta 34 world tour surfers.

But, it all makes sense, right? While the noise Nike has made in terms of marketing and events has been loudest, sales have been tough. They pulled sponsorship following this year’s US Open of Surfing and the failure to move serious product to cover this investment has been difficult. Nike owning surf was always difficult. They bought Hurley in 2002, a company that lives and thrives on innovation. Nike’s mantra isn’t dissimilar and both brands fight for the same space. The commercial success of surf companies has always been boardshorts and Hurley leads with their Phantom innovation. And, the post-GFC surf industry hasn’t exactly been the field of dreams that it was in the early 2000s.

Farewell to the lavish Nike Lowers Pro. Photo: Hilleman

Does it all seem weird that the team can swap over so effortlessly and without legal red tape with managers? Not when you peel the layers back. Built into the contract of every Nike-complete surfer is the ability to be shifted from Nike to Hurley. Anything stated by a surfer’s Nike contract will now be honoured by Hurley. For Julian Wilson, two years into a five-year contract, it’s biz as usual. As well as Kolohe Andino who signed a 10-year contract last year.

Now, Nike aren’t the kind of players who do things without a plan. The question now, is, what is Nike’s plan for surfing through Hurley? The biggest piece of the puzzle will drop soon. Hurley’s new star athlete unveiling will likely be John John Florence: the man behind surfing’s biggest-ever contract signing. That means Hurley will now have nine surfers on tour: John John, Kolohe, Julian, Alejo and Michel along with the Hurley team of Miguel Pupo, Yadin Nicol, Brett Simpson and Ace Buchan.

Stab‘s communication with Nike and Hurley spokesmen along with various surfers revealed a very tight-lipped line until tomorrow’s announcement is made. Stab will have the full story tomorrow.

We'll miss the exquisite wetsuit palettes. Jules at La Graviere last year, before Nike dropped the 6.0. Photo: Ryan Miller. And, top, this is what made Nike: clips like this with Kolohe Andino.

Carissa Moore reveals the change via Twitter.

  • Stu

    I suppose if you sponsor just about everyone then by shear force you eventually you get a world title?

  • xxxx

    As an image, Nike is so much cooler than Hurley. Very disappointing….

    • Anonymous

      Nike as cool? You’re a fuckwit. Your comment clearly displays the limited depth of your character

      • timmy

        the highly rated statistical beat down on your comment by comment #2 clearly shows your limited depth of character. I believe the statistics show you are indeed the fuckwit. respect an opinion that contrasts your own.

      • scotty

        ^ That is humorous! The entire planet identify with Nike branding. If you take a school full of kids in say Detroit,Chicago,Columbus etc they will all go with Nike. Us coastal residents will go with Hurley …..Middle America has a larger market share period. I dislike Nikes involvement in surfing and im glad to not see their logos in the lineup. Hurley is not cool in detroit,Nike is not as cool in Hunington. The above mentioned “fuckwit” is more than likely from some place other than the coast.

    • scotty

      Most surfers dislike Nikes swoosh, its like a bad rash for surfing.

  • Trotsky

    I hope to god JJF has some sense and steers clear of the totalitarian-like capitalist beast that is Nike/Hurley.

    • Chomsky

      Are you saying all the other surf brands aren’t hedge fund owned publicly traded entities?! The whole industry at ASP level is the same, don’t believe the hype! The ASP tour exists to sell clothing, simple as that. Nike didn’t sell enough, realised the industry is too small and too niche for what they need to achieve to keep the shareholders happy, were prepared for the decision anyway with contracts that allowed them to shift everyone to Hurley and pulled the plug.

      • Trotsky

        I agree with you Norm, I just don’t think one company needs to try and own the majority of surfers on tour. Where’s the variety in that? Why not put that money elsewhere? Sponsor more tour events–the original big three sponsor 2-3 events per year. Or a one-off specialty event each year, like the Billabong Super Challenge used to be? Be creative with all those resources rather than trying to put a sticker on the end of every board on tour.

    • jean p

      john john to volcom! hurley=pffffffftttt

    • Paul

      So you just took your first Contemporary History subject at Uni and you feel like you know it all about the capitalist regime crippling society? These brands pay for the whole world tour! They are the only reason these surfers can make a living. I’m sure John John could do really well for himself if he only accepted a sponsorship from Sanuk. Take another toke and then give that shit up and join the rest of us here in the real world.

      • Trotsky

        Sorry Paul, I would join you in the real world, but I actually died from a blow to the head many years ago in Mexico. I’m talking to you from beyond the grave. Fuck Stalin!

  • nicholas

    Just do it!

  • Kicks

    This is no good at all. They were doing such good things for the sport, in all countries. Throwing amazing events is just the start. Paying athletes what they should be paid, taking female surfing to a whole new level, the parties even!

    • indoubt

      .i do not see at all why somebody who surfs for a living should earn more than let s say a carpenter and thus this is reason for outside brands to exist within the inside…

  • C O M M E R C E

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce you to the Real Madrid of surfing!

    • Yep


  • lincoln

    kinda sad to see to be honest – nike were doing some real nice stuff for surfing (athletes, events, etc) and it was pushing the core brands to be more on top of what they were doing.

    but from what i saw they sucked at clothing. sure their boardies we’re good (great? not sure). but all of their clothing i saw was basic branding, basic cuts, just somewhat unattractive stuff. surely it wouldn’t have been that hard to pull in some good designers to create a range that looked amazing – they had the skills technically to make some of the most amazing products surfers may have seen. but struggled with everyday clothing…

    now all the naysayers from back in the day are going to come out yelling ‘told you so’ – which is a shame as Nike did get behind the sport, and hopefully still will (as a footwear entity)…

    i dunno, guess more will be revealed tomorrow. can’t help but wonder what the riders are thinking either…

    • c3eeeps

      ya, you rep nike ? the naysayers didnt want shit companies like nike to come in and try to fuck up what the real surf companies created. u just jumped on the bandwagon like all of your fag friends im sure and will be bmxing next week

      • lincoln

        ahhhhh. rep nike? sure, i got nikes on right now. does that mean i’m on the bandwagon. not really. i’m all about the ‘real surf companies’ and what they created just as much as you are. i love what they have created, have done and are looking to do. but nothing’s forever. Where do u think major progress comes from?

        Generally an industry produces it’s own innovations and ideas and progresses at a reasonable rate, but sometimes a new way of thinking comes from someone outside an industry thinking differently, doing differently and razzing up the old guard.

        Do you think Hurley would have come up with the Phantom? Or Rip Curl with their 1piece construction for the MF1? Or what about the US Open or Trestles CT – you think athletes would still be getting treated like they do now if it wasn’t for Hurley and Nike stepping it up? Yeah there’s a chance that the, ‘real surf companies’ as you put it, would have got there at some stage, but you can be sure the appearance of Red Bull/Nike and others in the industry has sparked a new way of thinking in the industry of late and accelerated the thought process for a lot the new products you’re buying right now. Which is great – wetsuits are awesome these days, boardies are amazing, even hardware is making huge progress. It’s unfortunate that’s combined with a downturn in the economy…

        Not everything is related to Nike, it’s not what I’m saying – what’s to be said is sometimes industries need a fire stick shoved up their ass to make them think differently and progress the industry we all love.

        the other thing – how is Nike a shit company? you have me baffled there…

        ps – bmx’ing is fun.

  • Ironic

    If Nike can’t make a buck out of surf merchandise right now then it truly is a sinking ship. Anybody else noticed how quiet the North Shore has been this year? In years gone by every single team rider from every company and country would be there along with marketing teams, company execs, and numerous photo and video guys for each brand.

    This year, however, it seems it’s only guys who are entered in the triple crown events who are going over, and even then they seem to disappear of the face of the earth once they’re knocked out. Even the media coverage of it all seems to be lacking breath, with little other than some regular instagram updates, where once upon a time we would be saturated with content from the North Shore throughout November and December.

    It’s looking like dark times ahead for professional surfing…

  • victory

    hahahahahaha, I remember back when Nike made the push and all the sellout riders they sponsored. Now the sell-outs have been pushed back to Hurley.. the biggest sell out of them all !! JJF will never ride for Hurley, trust me. julian wilson reminds me of my nephew.. talented, but nothing close to a real man. ps surfing good doesnt make you a real man

    • weirdness

      Watch and u will witness JJF ride for Hurley, its a done deal and thats just the truth. He is like anyone else out there trying to make a honest living. Hurley paid way more then anyone else so they get him. It doesnt fit, but Vans, Volcom, Oneill, or anyone else that we all would of thought would of fit him better didnt come to the plate, the fat lady has sung:-)Good for JJ he is absolutely on fire right now and should capitalize on his timing.

      • victory

        maybe you are right. but we both now jjf shouldnt be riding for hurley

        • weirdness

          I agree, but shit money is hard to find at the moment, and Nike/Hurley whatever u want to call it wants him and will pay him what he is worth and thats a damm lot of dough at the moment, right? Maybe he wont take it now that the entire world tour rides for Hurley, but money talks and Nike has a lot of it!

    • Brian

      you will eat your words when they announce JJF as new rider in next few days

  • Chico

    good article. i dig reading about surfing industry workings. keep it up stab

    • spoof

      especially in this day and age

  • Megaspray

    Nike IS Hurley. So if Hurley sucks, Nike sucks too.
    I cannot see the connection between Nike and surfing. Nike grew up sponsoring Black basketballers. Surfing grew up in a shitty old car smoking weed and on the dole.
    Now surfing has won the lotto Nike is like a distant cousin with his hand out.

  • Nike

    Jeez Stab hope you hope you dont go out of Biz? Well you can always just put Hurley Logos all over your Website and on every pager of the Magazine like you did with Nike. Looks like you chose the wrong bed.

  • Teeed

    JohnJohns does not need to hurley. faaaaack that.

  • Ryan

    Calm down Hurley haters they are one of 8 or 9 major brands in the industry plus Nike owns them so yes we won’t see the check 6.0 anymore but who knows where it will go from here they can focus more on Hurley so I see bigger and better innovations ahead for the “H” things I am stoked for. Most of ya’ll can’t thrash a company’s name for an image that you have no affiliation with most of ya’ll aren’t sponsored! Feel free to email me any hate mail. I will defend Hurley with all I can I own 90% Hurley gear from board shorts to tees.

    • yeah dude

      If this is Ryan Hurley, I dig you, you are an awesome guy who works hard for his family. Your pop is the real deal through and through!

  • zeus

    was hoping for jj to go with vans head to toe or volcom. im pretty sure vans is the only company besides hurley that can afford him. when the news broke about bruce departing volcom, the first image i had in my head was jj walking up the stairs to the gerry house, moving his shit into bruce’s room.

  • kermit

    Nike came into Surfing… Nike leave surfing. Looks like theyve realised the money is not there and doesnt look like it will be for the next 10 years.
    With the declination of marketed pro surfing, I look forward to seeing the average kook stick to trends on the land and keep out of my local break.
    Real surfing doesnt need logos and corporate backing. Professional surfers will prevail through the shit storm and the industry will follow

    • indoubt

      just wonder how long it takes the rest of the industry / the execs to realize “the money isnt there” and downgrade their expectations on how many cars, golfe club memberships, beach based houses, boat trips and what not surfing will pay them.

  • John

    Can you argue with the credibility of Bob Hurley? Surfboard shaper who turned Billabong into a giant only to walk away and build a company of his own. Get real and learn your surfing heritage before you open your mouth. They started the Tech boardshort category and have a patent they aren’t enforcing. Get real Hurley haters. you may not like the clothes, but don’t hate on the history. This news is pretty crazy, but Hurley is Bob Hurley. Bob is a core surfer. He probably surfs better than you.

  • Dick Stiffington

    Ok, so is Bruce still signing with Fox?

  • Dezraaaat

    NIKE DOESN’T SURF! It is refreshing to see surfers support brands that are actually deeply rooted in surfing, not some conglomerate brand that wants a “piece of the pie.” Although Nike has had some of the strongest surf marketing tactics throughout the past 2 years, it is interesting to see that having the most talented and over exposed athletes doesn’t necessarily yield high sales numbers.

    With that being said, I hope people do not forget the loyalty that Jordy Smith has to the surfing community when he decided not to support and ride for Nike when he was in the current position that JJF is currently in.

    With Nike downsizing their involvement in surfing, every other surfing brand should capitalize on this opportunity for growth… This gives the surfing industry hope.

  • Patrick

    Well put John. Bob is as core as you can get, a genuine surfer and human being.

    • joe

      Bob is a great person. Always supported SURFERS

  • zanetb

    why do you care who john john is sponsored by all that matters is his surfing,good luck to him and hurley.

  • )( x 4

    Nike is playing to its talents. Hurley is the most innovative surf brand around and were the ones that took a dying US Open event and made it the most significant event on the tour. Athlete focus is what made it a success. Nike is realizing that with the riders they have, they can create an even bigger impact for Hurley. Who are these real surf companies?? Quick? Billabong? Last I checked they were hemorrhaging money. He who has the best gear wins. Innovate or die.

    • Dude

      Well said

  • notnik

    Having been involved in the “surf industry” for a better part of three decades and having hung out and been in everything from sales meetings to six foot Indo slabs with a lot of them, Bob is the one person that stands out in my memory. He walks the walks and yes he does talk the talk, but I challenge you to find a mid fifty year old guy that can pick off waves at will, talk competently about progressive surfing and still remember employees names that he has only met once a couple of years back. No one I have met from THE BIG 3 can come anywhere near him in terms of cred. So he sold his company to NIKE to ensure its future (and that of his families and employees families), how many of you out there can lay claim to anything like this? The fact that NIKE has stopped doing surf only gives more cred to that fact that )( has been doing the right thing and they don’t want to fuck with it… All the best to Ryan, Bob and the )( peeps in Oz and the US. Keep up the good work!

  • Me

    Pretty sure no one is questioning Bob? He is an. Amazing human being for sure. Sad thing is guys like Zack Boon, Frankie , and Kenworthy who have been there sense day one and have worked their asses off to built what is Nike Surfing and now to see it get taken away. My hope is that these people get taken care of. God knows they deserve it so if not Hurley some lucky company will scoop them up.

  • James

    ^^^ almost every comment above is reactionary and uninformed dribble from armchair kooks

  • Chester

    Hurley is the “Cream Of The Crop”.

    • paul newman

      cos they’re funded by nike.. therefor nike is cream

  • Dude

    Hurley is hands down, the most authentic, innovative brand in the surf industry. Look at the Phantom boardshort,US Open, Hurley Pro….Good for Hurley and the surfers will be stoked.

  • Chester

    In 12 months the COSUMER will consider Hurley as the elite brand. And the profits will show!!!

  • K

    I was kind of wondering how long Nike would last in surfing. Me and a couple buddies were talking about this yesterday.
    As much as you see Nike on the pros boards and in the mags I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone wearing a pair of Nike boardies and like previously stated their shirts sucked. Instead of making shirts surfers would dig they jus tried to force basic skate and basketball style logos

  • yoda

    c’mon john keep those authentics on your feet and sign head to toe with vans.. you know you want to

  • Joe

    I cant believe Nike didn’t make wetsuits. Even if the quality was shit they could have sold heaps because the nike wetsuits look sick, and Nike have a good brand image

  • taj

    November Fools day, this is the best roomer Stab has made up this year… well done stab.

    • sam

      You’re an idiot and you can’t spell

  • paul mcneil

    Nike is cool, hurley is boring

    • nelly

      Nike is cool? Hahahahahahahaha

  • uncle remus

    hurley started out as a pretty rootsy company but chose to grow somewhat exponentially rather than organically. their greed to expand profit margins without regard for the core consumer has hurt their image and caused some large surf retailers (Jacks) to ban them from their stores entirely. the intricacy’s of hurley’s meddling in the surf industry are too complex to categorize as “good” or “bad” for surfing, but i dont think anyone will argue that selling yourself to nike was a decision made with dollar signs on the mind rather than the good of the surf community as a whole

  • Hot Air

    Yeah i think it’s the right thing strategy wise. Just do shoes… Its what they are good at. They still remain a footwear sponsor and invest all power behind Hurley for the apparel. This has been a rumor for some time and I honestly believe it was apart of the Hurley 5 year plan. Of which they must be 3-4 years into? They have developed the brand through great events, people, marketing products and activations. They’ve developed a great product offering and grow from strength to strength each year. The only thing left to do was to create an incredible athlete roster to carry their program. They’ve done this in one almighty swoop. Very very smart and if they sign John John its game over

    I’ve heard john john does not want to be on the same team as kolohe though. Not for any personal reason, just that he wants to carve out his own path and not be packaged with others. So this may change the game for him signing with Hurley? Maybe a Vans/Redbull combo is all JJ needs… Maybe Volcom/Vans/Redbull.

    But back to Nike… The way Nike behave is the following…
    They treat apparel as a loss leader to entering a new market in order to get their shoes into a space. If they came into surf as just shoes they would not have been able to speak with the demographic… Apparel made them a “player” and appear as wanting to be grass roots and authentic. Now if the apparel was successful they’d push on and develop it and do it well. The apparel wasn’t performing so they pulled back from it and just stay in the space with shoes. Mission accomplished. What the genius is here is this whole time they had a back up plan (in light of product failure) of generating an athlete roster that Hurley could not have done on their own. Then boom! Here you go Hurley you have the apparel space and the athletes to match it. We’ll just cover their feet. Everybody at Hurley and Nike win.

    It feels like their plan from the beginnning or they would not have written the contracts the way they did?

    All power to them… and I could be wrong on all the above.

  • jon

    What makes Hurley boring? The logo? is that it? seriously? sure some of their clothes are genericly lame but the same can be said for all of the major surf corpos and their basic branded shirts.

  • Ryan Miller

    Felipe Toledo makes 10

  • Dean Raynolds

    How nuts would it be if John John fucking signed with summer teeth. That would be the craziest shit ever.

  • Bandit154

    If you guys think this is a blow, just wait until you taste what the FDA have in store for the energy drinks that are killing people and causing skyrocketing visits to the emergency room in the USA. It will make the Nike exodus seem like a tea party.

  • no name

    owhat r they planning to do, and when

  • 999

    I must admit I don’t care about what’s written on the top of a board, those clothes and wetsuits are o fuccking expensive anyway.

  • north shore

    Nike and hurley are lame. To clean cut. The irons fletchers mick joel and john are and will always be the coolest people in surfing. Surfing is suppose to be radical. Not some clean cut sport of taking turns.

  • smoke another spliff

    ah good job. piss off nike. stick to basketball or athletics. at least bob hurley has been there from way back when. shit brand though if ya ask me. nike owns em anyway but nike? when they came on to the surfing scene i was like piss off ya track geeks. but surfing has become pretty geeky and professional. none of the flair it used to have. not enough surfers getting high anymore. haha

  • Jack McCoy

    Even Bali Strickland could make a movie that would sell with that cast.

  • Diane

    Look at Carissa’s twitter. For once the information seems to be pretty accurate.

  • Mr

    All I can see is the Hurley hoodie and it hurts to think about.

    Nike is the best brand in the world. Thanks for taking it up a notch.

  • givastuff

    Nike are ubiquitous and that’s the problem: when I want my $50 slice of cool (why are T shirts so bloody expensive) the last thing I want is the Nike logo. It is bizarre that someone at Nike thought they could crack the surf market without any differentiation from what else the usual surf brands are offering (maybe if they’d spent buckets on R&D for an amazingly different wetsuit they might have had a shot). The whole world is going for a slicker version of grow your own vegies (organic box, anyone), and Nike’s myopia had it believe the swoosh would sweep the punters along? Odd. As to the pissing contest between the various surfers now paid by Hurley, I reckon you lot care more about it than they do.

  • Head Jug

    JohnJohn VANS majo

  • Dakoa Davidson


  • Samantha

    Hurley puts on the best contests and webcasts hands down. As long as sponsors put the money into the contests and the athletes, who really cares? I am perplexed by people, claiming to be surf fans, telling big money to leave surfing. I suggest you take a look at what is left of the women’s tour before you criticize the remaining sponsors! Let’s not forget, Volcom, the company that started with the slogan “youth against establishment” was acquired by Puma for $608 million. There is money to be made out there, now let us see it invested in the athletes, environmental projects and of course, the contests!

  • Bushy

    Any Bruce Irons/Fox announcement yet?

  • LJL

    Good story, apparently Mick Fanning signed with Hurley after the us open last year. Haha – Nike is downsizing involvement but they’re not leaving fools, there will still be swoosh’s on surfboards, add the world tours swoosh’s probably still more then any other brand.

  • I ride for Cunts

    Arrrrgggh, what the fuck is wrong with you people?
    Who. Gives. A. Fuck? And don’t say “obviously you do because you wrote a comment” cos that’s not funny.

  • makka

    I think the biggest issue here is that Nike have an almost endless pit of $$$ where as other company’s i.e Billabong are struggling to say the least.

    With $$$ comes all sorts of oppurtunities! – I think it’s safe to say a ‘Hurley’ team rider world champion is only a year or so away!

    Personally I think it’s a great thing that we’ll be seeing Hurley stickers on boards over Nike one’s (& let’s face it, that’s all the fans really see anyway). Nike seemed out of place in surfing but hey, we welcome their sponsorship $$$ albeit from the shadows!

    • !!

      One thing for sure, you’re neither an economist nor an analyst..;Are you working for Glodman and Sachs? That would explain a lot

  • Trent

    nike had an exit stratagy from day 1 , one thing about JJF he’s not good looking enough to sell the volumes of merchandise to warrant a massive deal. wouldn’t surprise me if hurley nike went after billabong,

  • dicksilver

    Nike 7.0

  • ifallalot

    Now I’ll never get my limited edition Air Jeezy wetsuit

  • DAVE


  • name

    late to the party, Stab! i heard about this on the pinchmysalt webcast 4 days ago

  • Reality

    It is the same shit, with a different name,and just a shuffling of the deck. Corporate business..especially in the surf industry…is a game of smoke and mirrors. Billabong has financial woes? Ok its the Von Zipper Tahiti comp. Nike can’t sell surf? Ok, we own Hurley, so we will pile everything under their umbrella, and if the industry turns out to go belly up, the paperwork and corporate hit falls on Hurley. It all boils down to the same point: the surf industry as it is composed is a completely unsustainable bag of hype, with no real substance. $50 board shorts, $700 surfboards, marketing to middle America. Only kooks wear Quicksilver and Billabong clothing, and I see very little Hurley gear on core surfers. The result is that you have struggling companies with bad balance sheets, marketing and trumpeting products to a base that is increasingly deaf to their cries. The center of the corporate apple in terms of customers is rotten. These companies need to scale back, get realistic business plans, and quit trying to force surfing to be what its not. When Slater retires, the whole market for the sport, and its recognition will find the equilibrium it is supposed to have in the public eye, and the companies can market accordingly.

  • nelly

    Nike isnt a surf company…..never has been. dont do it

  • rich demands poor.

    money makes the world go round but it does nothing for my daily pre dawn sesh!

    i like watching the vids and comps but would be happier with a different reality where pro joes in any sport had less and starving people had more.

    if you argue with this ideal you need to kill yourself.

  • bird

    Just DID it….

  • Gay jesus

    The only difference between Nike and every other company in the industry is that they make money instead of lose it..

    The surf industry is full of idiots…

    nike is legit…

    hurley does make the best trunks..

    telling people to kill themselves becasue they disagree with you in ignorant..

    surfing is gay…

    i rip harder than you…

    • get out

      Nike is legit, just not in surfing, where were they when it wasn’t a billion $$ industry, Nike is not a surf co. never will be….EVER!!!! Saw a sick photo of a guy ripping on their rollerblades though!!!!

  • The B team

    I wonder how many current Hurley team riders are gonna get the axe?

  • K

    Nike says its not making money with surfing, so is it possible that when they switch all their team riders from Nike to Hurley that somewhere buried in those contracts it says that their salaries will now come out of the Hurley budget and not Nikes? If so wouldnt this be Nike’s way out of the surf industry free and clear? Hurley wont be able to pay all these immense team rider salaries will go bankrupt and Nike can sell them off to the highest bidder.

  • pamela

    thanks for scrolling down and reading this comment

  • O.T. groupie

    A hater at last!

  • Spitball

    What depth of committment to the sport! what a true hardcore surf brand! Good fucking riddance. Been waiting for this to happen for a while now. the sad thing is at At least half those surfers are off the team very soon. Probably only keep
    1. Jj, title contender, hawaii
    2. Julian, Australia, possible title guy maybe someday
    3. Kolohe, USA bud light tour guy
    4. Michel Tahiti, Europe, rest of world guy
    5. Alejo, new money in brazil third world guy
    Was it me I’d only keep jj and Julia and dump the rest. Save the mony for new talent like the freestone and robinsons of the world. Two iconic surfers are worth more. The other guys only detract from the message rather than add to it

  • Spitball

    Perhaps it’s time for a new truly by surfers for surfers company to start up? Maybe a couple top pros join up with some truly savvy business blokes and get the funding? That would be the pseudo core insta corporate model. Or maybe some actual hardcore brands start up. Pretty sure surfers are over this corporate Gucci,Nike, Quiksilver, billabullshit that has taken over the sport. I haven’t given them a dime for ten years at least.

  • Euro

    “Michel Tahiti, Europe, rest of world guy”

    I’m pretty sure his name is Bourez, and even though Tahiti is french, I’m not sure he is supposed to represent the rest of the surfing world, as far as advertizing is concerned. I thought Nike has a german or a spaniard in his crew, but I know I don’t see that much surf gear with Nike written on it in Europe…
    So if you’re right, Bourez could be dropped from the team, and if not, Hurley will have to seriously reinforce its crew to sell things in Europe.


    From Sunset Beach Hawaii . I see a bunch of butt sniffers ..around here lately.all these corprate
    butt sniffs buy out the boys.And think they rule.. and theres no Aloha just a bunch of kooks that
    think there shit dont stink and hate on anyone thats not with there program..they have almost ruined the North Shore Roots……What message are all these Corprate Donkeys teaching our kids….

  • johnny

    what about Bruce?

  • Farmer TED

    NikLey: Nike and Hurley, is a huge corporation and all they care about is the dough. I Know Nike doesn’t Surf, but does anyone at Hurley really surf ? yeah Punker but from their you have to go to the team guys for surfers. To all you core dude who live and breath surfing and have watched the games for years.. Go to your salvation army or army surplus store for your rags,, else your are just buying processed ( made in China) Cheese from #&%#!

  • bob

    I just hope that hurley will have the sense to stop making such shitty clothing. Their entire line looks like it belongs in pacsun. I work at a surf shop and I personally can not stand the sight of the Hurley rack. It looks like sesame street and some snowboarders went and puked all of their neon all over the Hurley section. The one thing that they need to do if they want to really dominate the surf industry is put more money into developing a more competitive top of the line wetsuit. You already did it with the boardies. Moral of the story. Make cooler clothes and better wetsuits.

    • good times


      I agree, the real surfers that I know (including me i guess) don’t buy Hurley. It’s got no soul. Its crap. Qwik has heaps more integrity and we don’t buy their shit either.
      It’s the unjazzed masses that buy this crap, because its in their face. You step into a shop
      and so many are dominated by the crap brands. Shelves and racks loaded with crap.

      Ha ha …. i have other friends that don’t actually surf and they wear Hurley & Qwik.
      And they think they are so cool and stoked …. because they feel they look like surfers.
      Ha ha ha …… its all such a joke.


  • nick

    no way they will be able to keep them all, john john is a keeper for sure but

  • pest

    they just did it!

  • nomoreuneducatedclaims

    Yes, people at hurley surf. lots of them. most of them. Bob shreds harder than you too.

  • the Swoosh

    Well, as long as bucks keep flowing, it is all good. Hurley is ok, they are a legitimate surf brand, nice boardies, good colors, except for the H (inexpressive logo) . concerning my self I buy whatever is on sale, and never, ever, the newest models..

  • Haha!

    Best Post!

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