Noa Deane And Volcom Walk Into A 5-Year Contract

Noa is engrained to the bedrock of the stone until he hits 27. In the brightest, most secure deal of a big name as of recent, the 22-year-old gent from Coolangatta has fallen into Volcom’s loving embrace and will join his longtime hero (and the man renting a shed in his backyard to him) Ozzie Wright, as the new face, and highest paid surfer of the brand. When two roads diverged in the narrow path of Rusty, Noa split off onto Volcom; who are grinning from their ears because they know Noa guarantees a return in ROI (remember how hard Rusty marketed the kind sir?), fits their vibe and stays true to the colour of freesurfing, art and irreverence. 

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If you had a growth spurt during the 90’s or naughties, you’ve penned the Volcom Stone onto a notebook or bathroom wall at some point in your life. And like Noa here, botched it on a few occasions.

In September we first reported on the opening of nasal real estate for Mr Deane and the bidding war that was sparked between Quiksilver, Volcom and Rusty. Talent like Noa ain’t cheap, and he has inked into the just-shy-of $500k-annually club and his appeal to the crisp angst of youth, for major sponsors, is worth the cake. We breathed the official breeze of this deal last December, and today his nose is officially coloured in with the black, white and stone. Adding Noa to the Volcom team is a move we particularly dig, how good would a section from the man have been in Psychic Migrations? 2017's a new year, with new sponsors, and an older and brighter Noa.