But, Is This Really The World's Best Righthander?

Mick Fanning has gone viral again, but this time without the possibility of a career (or life)-ending incident. However, it is to die for! The internet’s currently losing its collective mind over the wave Mick surfs in an undisclosed location (the lack of landmarks in photo and film is no accident). But, we all know there’s no secrets anymore, not in 2017, not with Google Maps, not with The Inertia (and no, we won't link the article which has hopefully been deleted by now). One thing is for certain about the wave, though: Every surfer Stab’s discussed it with has prefaced their cents with the words fucked up. It's so easy to be seduced by the intoxicating tornado of new discovery, but is it really (as we've certainly suggested ourselves) the best righthander in the world? It is definitely intermediate (and above) regularfoot heaven. Let's ask some people who spend their lives looking for good waves.


Shane Dorian: "Looks like one of the best sand-bottom right points in the world, for sure. Most likely it gets bigger and better than it was the first time. It looks super fun and playful and I wouldn't get bored surfing it for a long, long time."


Kelly Slater

"I'll stay out of this one. I'd rather not know about it than see another wave turn into Skeleton Bay crowds, which will surely happen. Sorry. Looks fun though."

Ian Crane: "That wave Mick surfed looked fucked up! It definitely looks like one of the best rights in the world, and it looks semi-user-friendly. I'm happy no one knows where it is. I can picture that lineup with 1000 heads up and down the point, foamballing sections and getting in the way paddling out. I don't even want to know where it is. Secret waves are so cool, hopefully Mick takes this one to the grave."


Mitch Crews

"Well fuck, it looks like the best right in the world to me, personally. Maybe if you got a wrap in too somewhere I guess so."

Conner Coffin: "That thing is so fucked up. I have no idea where it is. It for sure looks like Namibia flipped around, but still different. Those waves just don’t even look real, it’s so cool. And it’s in trunks, it’s so dreamy. Apparently it gets bigger than that. It’s heavy. It doesn’t look that easy to surf because it’s so fast. I don’t have the slightest clue where it is, but they did tell me there was maybe a possibility I could go there this year. I heard Mick went to some crazy wave then I saw that video and… I can’t believe that still exists, the fact that nobody knows about that is crazy. That’s what makes it so special – he’s the only guy out there, and as soon as the water showed too much land they’d switch the angle. Imagine how many perfect empty waves go unridden there…"


Kolohe Andino

"Tell me where it is now! Hard question, I don’t think it is (the best righthander in the world) though. There’s gotta be better ones. But, I do like the crowd. Out of Kelly’s wave pool and that, I’d 100 percent rather surf that."

Alex Gray

"(The wave) is as good as bacon and eggs. I'll bring the coffee. When are we going?"