The Soft Night, Starring Sage Erickson

A sensitive and intimate study of a passionate gal and her version of the nature of love…


"The nature of love is the chemistry between two people but it only works, completely, when matched to a deep consideration of each other. It doesn't mean a thing if you can’t be who you are. Like, I want to be as fricken weird as I am…"


"My first kiss? Fifteen. New year's eve. A cute kiss. No tongue. He was a friend of my big brother and when you're a younger gal you idolise anyone older. I had such a big crush on him and when you're that young you think you're so in love and that's the person you want to be with for the rest of your life. Two years go by and you're, like, what was I thinking?"


"Yeah, I have hateful thoughts. A year-and-half ago I came down from Ventura to surf with my brother. We drove around for ages, checking all his rock barrel waves, and then he just said, I don't wanna surf. I told him he was a little selfish bitch. I was so angry and drove away. Three minutes later I was on the phone saying, 'You're not really a little selfish bitch!'"


"My parents have been separated forever so I used to always be with my mom on christmas morning. But one year, I was with my dad. And my dad was always bad with christmas presents, but this one year he took me to Toys R Us and gave me $150 to buy whatever I wanted. I even got to pick the wrapping paper. I spent the $150 and then we went home and wrapped every single present up. We put them all under the tree and the next morning I got every single toy I'd ever wanted. When you're a kid, $150 is like two million bucks."


"I'm passionate about always being in a good mood and helping others. Even if it's just opening the door at the coffee shop or asking someone how their day is. I've always noticed that if I'm having a bad day, if someone's really nice, or lets me go in the parking lot, it turns things around and gets me thinking in a positive way. And when that happens, the sky's the limit. You feel like there's so many opportunities in life. I want to put smiles on peoples' faces."


Words by Derek Rielly
Photography by Kane Skennar
Hair and make up - Nancy Sea Siler / RP Represents / for MAC Cosmetics
Stylist - Sarah Bonett / RP Represents
Video By Shinya Dalby